I Turbocharged My Sleeper Ford Ranger (LS V8 Swapped)

I Turbocharged My Sleeper Ford Ranger (LS V8 Swapped)

Our Sleeper Ford Ranger Gets a Little Extra Power
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20 Responses

  1. Anthony Curtin says:

    “But we’re gonna push as much as we can and hopefully it doesn’t blow up” literally 5 seconds and one pull later “we blew it up” classic westen😂

  2. Andrea Negri says:

    I love Westen’s vidyas, instead of hours of nothing happening or a 20 videos series showing a sparkplug replacement and people braggin about stuff he actually shows mad shit happening for real in roughly ten minutes. That’s gold material.

  3. Andrew Anderson says:

    Love your videos Westen!! Just wish they were longer and there were more uploads than just one every couple weeks. You got great content and I’m sure you got plenty to record.

  4. [Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam says:

    Man it sure does feel like forever since Westen posted… Much love ❤️

  5. old no. 7 says:

    Westen always gets a project running and then immediately catastrophically breaks it

    • KHAN DRIFT says:

      😂and I love his face when he do that

    • elesjuan says:

      @Keith Lempka shitposts 10 minute videos every few weeks on youtube to 2+M subscribers, pushes merch. It’ll only be a matter of time before Raid, Shadow Legends enters the chat.

  6. Trenton2005 says:

    Westen’s videos always make my day. Glad to see more Ranger content. It’s funny how he gets a project going and then immediately breaks it😂

  7. ♥️KeshThara♥️Fan says:

    That cop was so cool. Weston- catching any perpetrators? Cop- just checking on them…..

  8. Ethan Media says:

    Westen, I look forward to your videos all the time and I learn something new each time me and my dad watch a video while you retain the comedy the whole way. Your guy’s videos get me through the day sometimes and you guys give me so much inspiration and happiness to go work on cars to the point where I just wanna go blow stuff up and fix it for the fun of it. And by the off chance that you might see this, thanks for inspiring and entertaining so many of us.

  9. Moondyne .Joe says:

    Westen, that was one of your best refined comedic videos that you have put out
    I loved it
    Well done guys.
    Tony from Western Australia 🇦🇺

  10. Foxy The Pirate says:

    I’m so happy to see more of this absolutely insane ranger, and I’m thrilled to see it getting even more insane as the video progresses hahah lmao right up until that engine blow, i’m glad to hear that you’re not gonna be blowing up engines as much but you’re still gonna be doing it in the future 💀💀

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