I Turn a Large Rusty Nail into a Beautiful little Sword

I Turn a Large Rusty Nail into a Beautiful little Sword

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I found a large rusty nail in my back yard. So naturally I turned it into a beautiful little sword lol. Love you guys

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55 Responses

  1. Bobby Duke Arts says:

    Hey stranger…it’s ok, you can look at my butt. but if you’d rather look at pictures of the tiny sword go give me a follow on IG https://www.instagram.com/bobbydukearts/ or Twitter https://twitter.com/bobbydukearts?lang=en love you ❤️

  2. Dani P. says:

    My first thought reading the title was, “Oh Garrett Watts would love this.”

  3. Lemons says:

    Ppl r still wondering if that paint he licked was real or clickbait

  4. C001p3rson says:

    Great art project as usual, I actually wanna see like a Skyrim character so the sword can be useful

  5. Gaff TG says:


    Youtube: “wanna see a guy turn a rusty nail into a small sword?”

  6. Junear 15 says:

    Took the sentence “Small but Deadly” to a new level.

  7. Braeden Rickabaugh says:

    I love these videos, they always bring a smile to my face no matter what is going on in the world, thank you for all you do, for me and your community, you truly are a great man

  8. Carly J. says:

    *I never knew what it was like to be a shovel until this video.*

  9. Big Ben Games says:

    robber: breaks into this guy’s house

    this guy: has an entire arsenal in his silverware drawer

  10. Kronomon says:

    4:06 Hello there sir, I say as I’m making eye contact on my phone

  11. Basement Wizard says:

    “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!” 7:13

  12. ICANFLY LOL says:

    Him: tastes paint
    Me: Artists back in the old days use to taste their paint, this drew them mad.

  13. joseph jackson says:

    That’s a big nail

    I wonder how the roofers missed that one

  14. Fire Kitty says:

    Him: drinks paint
    Me: you did this for what
    Him: why not?
    Me: why tho

  15. Blueberry Gamer says:

    Me: Alright, gotta start having a productive sleep schedule, I’m gonna get no work done like this
    Brain: This video at 2AM is perfect
    Me: What, no-
    Brain: *’Tis simply no better time to do this than 2AM.*

  16. Squidard Chair says:

    Item: Nail Sword
    Damage: 5+
    Speed: 20+
    Special Abilities: Small and easy to conceal; Corrosion damage when rusted

  17. 8BitEpidemic says:

    Are we gonna pretend we didn’t see him just tossing that dirt on the ground?

    Or his phone falling off the table?

    I love this dude’s edits and comedy.

  18. Chicken Nuggets says:

    0:01 POV: you’re a shovel

  19. Pootis Bird says:

    2:35 did anyone notice his phone falling in the background?

  20. willthe26thgamer says:

    “I was hiding this dead body then i found this cool nail!”

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