I Used Drones to Cheat in Hide and Seek! (Funny)

I Used Drones to Cheat in Hide and Seek! (Funny)

I Used Drones to Cheat in Hide and Seek! (Funny) with Preston 👊

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45 Responses

  1. Preston says:

    Subscribe or the drones will find you

  2. arasan subramanian says:

    When I was like 8 I still remember u and Jerome playing missle wars and I was watching the same couple videos for so long

  3. Bimalendu Bhowmik says:

    This is how man times he told ladies and gentlemen

  4. Julia Gulia says:

    Someone: Is that a drone?
    Preston: No ThAt’S fOr B-roLL

  5. Lita Dela Rosa says:

    Preston:Acting like no happened

  6. Simon Careme says:

    I love how Preston says his wife looks like an ant. 🤣

  7. Chloe Sheahan says:

    Someone would find a great spot and then be like “AHH THERES A WASP!!” and then find a new spot🤣

  8. Elyse Gaboriault says:

    Dear: Preston
    I love you guys so much and all I want you to do for me, is stay safe! You are my only entertainment in these times and it would be a nightmare if you got the virus, so please stay safe!

  9. Thunder girl Gaming says:

    Woah. Josh grew up a bit! Has it really been that while since he’s been in a video? He looked younger in the “saying yes to my little brother for 24 hours” video!

  10. Thomas Kiely says:

    I have never seen a snake in my entire life

  11. xXVivian_LoveXx says:

    At the start the walkie talkies reminded me of my camp but idk if it will open so

  12. NOVA Vant says:

    Preston: Who is that, he looks like an ant.

    Next view of the camera is Brianna in the same area

    Me: Wow Preston.

  13. N Bills says:

    Preston: I like the kid who was found first
    Him later: Whoever is found first is a loser -_-

  14. Max Man says:

    You know the videos dumb when it has (funny) in it’s title

  15. Family Umaraliev says:

    Lol did he say that his wife is an ant.

  16. Alana Kidd says:

    Lol I love how Brianna is worried about maddie knowing we’re where she is hiding when there’s a drone watching her 😂🤣

  17. The drunk Indian says:

    Me: mom can we have mrbeast

    Mom: we already have it at home

    At home:

  18. Cado ._ says:

    Doesn’t that thumbnail look like morgz?!

  19. Youblue Guy says:

    Bri:”I’m going to hide In the fridge! Me: I’m not hiding in a fridge it is winter and the fridge is cold 🥶

  20. Insert awesome gamer name here: says:

    Preston: It’s Summer Time

    Southern Equator people: What’s with ur brain?

    I’m from Australia and it’s winter so I’m not buying that.

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