i wanna go home…

i wanna go home…

Being stuck sucks! Thanks Delta for working so hard to get me home!
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19 Responses

  1. Rylee Zomok says:

    this intro ripped off Lights Out, but it’s funnyer

  2. chica 101 says:

    Play those nights at rachels now

  3. Amaya Santiago says:


  4. Icecreamcone2002 says:

    My flight with delta was delayed from 7:30 at night to 9 in the morning.
    Like wtf delta peice of assdick shitballs.

  5. Kame Hame Haunt (KameHameHaunt) says:

    markiplier is one of the dumb horror movie characters that doesnt just keep
    the light on because whenever the lights are off the “monster” moves and
    when the lights are off it leaves…

  6. TimingTalking says:

    Heya, I’m trying to get more subs. My mom and i have a deal if this can
    become a career than i don’t have to go to college . So just check me out,
    i’m almost at 30.

  7. Lone wolf says:

    Daaaaaamn. Those triceps!

  8. Fireball Inc. says:

    0:44 who got scared

  9. BananaBus28 says:

    Omg he is gonna play no mans sky. That game is so cool. I just saw one of
    dlives videos about it. It was so cool. Mark is gonna be amazed

  10. Andrew Bay says:

    lights out was a great movie

  11. James Foxfire says:


  12. golden jet says:

    Beat the shat out of Delta punch him in the balls

  13. Sam Funston says:

    *I wanna go home…

  14. Jesus Ochoa says:

    I watch the movie 3 days ago and I was like I know the that symbol

  15. Cole Stokes says:

    Delta the worst airline… Well one of them.

  16. tristanwylin91 says:

    more sketches please..thank you

  17. Step By Step says:


  18. ArtisanTony says:

    Get a hotel cheap ass :)

  19. Jaxson Derr says:

    uh wat