i was caught in 4k… 📸

i was caught in 4k… 📸

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Best Parts :
00:00 – it’s reddit time
01:29 – dantdm nostalgia
04:22 – this was sus
05:31 – this is cringe..
06:58 – dantdm caught in 4k
08:35 – what happened to dr trayaurus?
09:38 – who is brian?
12:19 – i almost cry..

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25 Responses

  1. OwO says:

    Give Dan a break. He was only doing important research that’s totally normal on the internet.

  2. Thomas3316 says:

    Petition for Dan to revisit the lab.

  3. Vipergaming says:

    “That’s insane that’s one of the most best pieces of art ever”-Dantdm

    Watermelonvia-“AM I A JOKE TO YOU”

  4. RetroMerc says:

    The only reason Dan doesn’t want mention FNAF VR is becuase he’s too scared to play it.


  5. ToastedJax says:

    The correct schedule for nostalgia week:

    Monday: Tomadachi Life
    Tueday: Minecraft mod Review
    Wednesday: CrazyCraft review (look back at the world with Justin and James)
    Thursday: Riddle School
    Friday: Mobile Game
    Saturday: A post on MoreTDM
    Sunday: Look back at the Greatest Minecraft Series of All Time

    This only correct answer

  6. kibonettic 511 says:

    Dan is slowly turning into jacksepticeye. nostalgia week, the slap, the photo, the years back, the same games. It’s all coming together. This is happening.

  7. Ralffe says:

    If Dan does nostalgia week, he should do Turbo Dismount, Happy Wheels, The Escapist and Granny (the original) minimum.

  8. Sonia’s Way says:

    Dan : sees his old videos
    Dan : “Disgusting ew”
    Me : I feel the same about my childhood

  9. Oddgear says:

    Dan: “i love when people quote me”

    Also dan: “i need your flesh”

  10. Just1nThyme says:

    Dan: “Hey everyone, Dan here from thediamondminecart”

    *Everyone liked that*

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