‘I was very disappointed’ Kawhi chose the Clippers over Lakers — Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

‘I was very disappointed’ Kawhi chose the Clippers over Lakers — Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss Kawhi Leonard announcing his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers over the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors. Hear why Shannon was ‘very disappointed’ about Kawhi’s decision.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

‘I was very disappointed’ Kawhi chose the Clippers over Lakers — Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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75 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Are you disappointed by Kawhi’s decision?

  2. Silver 12 says:

    Kawhi didn’t dupe anyone. The stories the media had out there were pure speculation. Some were even just made up bs.

  3. ILike Hate says:

    Everyone is a Clipper Fan now and next season everyone will be nets fan I see a lot of bandwagons signing that 1 year contract.

  4. Jamie Sinclair says:

    Normally I think Skip is completely out of his mind, but if Kawhi really did fully intend to sign with the Clippers all along, then slow playing the Lakers into not signing free agents to sabotage them because they are going to be his rivals was a genius move and one I wouldn’t have expected

    • Bryan says:

      I don’t give Kawhi quite that much credit. I think for what the Clippers had to give up in order to get Paul George it was a bit of a long shot. I do agree that he wanted the Clippers from the start, I think he strung along the Lakers as a back-up plan just in case OKC didn’t give in, not because he was trying to sabotage their offseason plans as much as possible.

    • Lesane Crooks says:

      That boy kawhi a genius put some respek on his name

  5. DeAndre T. Brown says:

    Whoever said that it was a 2 team race between Lakers and Raptors are dumb. Everyone know #2 was going to the Clippers since last year.

  6. Stanley Hudson says:

    Kawhi said he rather play against Lebron. ESPN guys yell 24/7 but never listen.
    ESPN hype up fake news.

  7. Michigan Wolverine in Austin says:

    Maybe Kawhi wants his own legacy and not have to live in the shadow of Lebron?

    • EliTheRealist1 says:

      No matter what they do theyll be in his shadow, but I respect him going to create a great situation for himself.

    • EliTheRealist1 says:

      @Milk2Percent what happens when he bruises his thigh? Is he going to destroy it in a suit?

    • EliTheRealist1 says:

      @Doug Fresh44 I bet you dont have any money on it…

    • seymourglass26 says:

      Yeah, there was a reason he wanted out of S.A., and it wasn’t because they were a bad team with a bad coach.

  8. fvpbz54 says:

    Disappointed?!?!?!… he wants to be remember more than Lebron. Why would he want to be under Lebron’s shadow. Thats the problem with all these b!tches in the nba. No one wants to be the best, everyone wants to team up and play together.

    • travel zap says:

      Nate Lebron is a goat… now go feed him some grass.

    • cchas8889 says:

      fvpbz54 Kawhi can’t pass LeBron its statistically not possible, he’s missed to many games and started his career to late. Career:
      17.7pts, 6.3 reb, 2.4 assist, (8 seasons) 8,200 points, LeBron at 32,500 (16 seasons), Kawhi would have to play 31 seasons total, 23 seasons more to even catch up in points much less assist or rebounds, blocks, steals….. Kawhi’s not IT bro.

    • EliTheRealist1 says:

      He’ll always be in his shadow, but he learned from Durant… Joining a winner or joining his team wont earn you respect.

    • abhijit bidwe says:

      Well Kawhi did team up with PG

    • cchas8889 says:

      @EliTheRealist1 your right, thats why I’m glad for Kawhi and LBJ, because everyone would try to deminish either one of them if they would have teamed up and won the chip.

  9. Ayveel Robinson says:

    As a Lakers fan, I’m glad Kawhi choose The Clippers. League parity is so important. It’s a lot of 2 star teams. The playoff field isn’t solid which means late season some good team will be on the brink.

    • Sharon B Foehner says:

      I’m glad because the NBA will always be a competitive league which will be entertaining to watch unlike the NFL

    • Caddi says:

      The only way the Lakers win is if LeBron stops being so ball dominate and actually play off ball. Did he learn nothing from playing the Warriors 4 years straight? Good ball movement beats the LeBron system most the time.

    • Faisal Salam says:

      @Ayveel Robinson that sounds nice but to me, there is nothing that can make the regular season better. It is meaningless. Only good basketball you get during the year will be in the playoffs.

    • RoZ says:

      Caddi the Lebron system literally beat the Warriors system in the 2016 Finals.

  10. xX MoBFiGa says:

    You ain’t a real of the NBA if you really wanted Kawhi to go to the Lakers Shannon. Even as a lakers fan I’m glad we didn’t get Kawhi. We need to go back to the way the nba used to be.

    • YOUniverse1234 says:

      Mike he better then skip tf

    • Chuck Chilla says:

      xX MoBFiGa How can you be a Lakers fan and say you glad we didn’t get Kawhi? I don’t care about the rest of the league let’em cry.Kawhi would’ve been our future for the next 8 years with AD and Kuzma.The rest of them players at the end of their careers including Lebron who may have 3 years left.Then what?? AD is good but he’s overrated too bcuz he makes no one around him better.We needed Kawhi he would’ve been the perfect Laker to carry the torch

    • Aaron Aiysen says:

      xX MoBFiGa Cause Shannon an Bronsexual ??‍♂️?

    • Messi The king says:

      Chuck Chilla facts

  11. mdmejia67 says:

    Kawhi Leonard: I like privacy in my negotiations.

    Magic Johnson: Guess what, I just had a meeting with Kawhi.

    • Jeremiah jones says:

      He say he gone show them how to talk ?????‍♂️

    • mdmejia67 says:

      @Jeremiah jones lol…

    • Paradigm Shift says:

      Jeremiah jones they shoulda said more

    • Chuck Chilla says:

      mdmejia67 Yeah he messed up.Magic is cool but he overrated in alot of things people just respect him bcuz he’s a entrepreneur and face of the Lakers.Yes he was a great player but he sucked at everything else he tried.And the only reason why he is successful as a business man is bcuz he has hired people working for him making smart decisions and advising him.He’s not doin that in his own don’t be fooled.He get pull bcuz he is a nice guy and a hall of famer but if not from that he’s terrible to mediocre

  12. Indifference2000 says:

    Chris Carter said it on first things first. Clippers was still in it. Broussard reported clippers was completely out. CC the only one who knew.

  13. Anthony D. Jackson, Jr. says:

    I don’t understand why y’all are feeling sorry for the Lakers. Y’all didn’t give a damn about the Lakers before LeBron got there.

    • Smackd0wnKing says:

      So then you do understand … cuz Lebron is there lol

    • tonylvez says:

      if anything they care too much about the lakers. Even before Lebrun got there the media is always hyping up the lakers every year it’s “this guy is going to the Lakers that guy is going to the lakers” and when they’re not talking about whose going to the lakers they’re overhyping the players they got. When Lonzo was drafted the hype was real “he’s bringing back showtime” when magic became president “he’s bringing back showtime” . They ALWAYS give a damn about the Lakers if you deny that you’re tripping

  14. Justin Smith says:

    DISSAPOINTED!? this is the most non dissapointing move in sports history the most real man move ever joining the lakers woulda been weak and sad

  15. TheBeautifulMynd says:

    I think Skip should stop reporting on Kawhi! He’s on national TV questioning this man’s Character on a daily basis and all this man did was make the right decision for his life ??‍♂️ he left the Spurs for a good reason and proved everybody wrong when he won the title

  16. Trestan says:

    Shannon bout to start calling him number “2” too. N not defend him anymore ?

  17. Abraham Pena says:

    Kawhi signs with Lakers*
    Shannon: I was very excited”

    Kawhi signs with Clippers*
    Also Shannon: I was very disappointed”

  18. maherk22 says:

    I have no problem with him choosing the Clippers over TO or the Lakers, but I just don’t want to hear about how Kawhi is old fashioned player who likes to compete rather than join the competition. He called KD, Butler, Kyrie to join him on the Clippers, and when that didn’t work, he asked a player to tell his current team that he ain’t interested in playing with them anymore and force a trade.
    He’s a sneaky person, who sabotaged three teams(Toronto, Lakers, OKC) just to use them and force the Clippers into getting him another superstar to play with.

    People would be going nuts if Lebron, KD, Harden, etc… did all of this.

    Smart move, but it showed that he isn’t the angel the media portray him to be.

  19. Irma Duncan says:

    Kawhi wanted his own legacy you can’t blame the man for that why I always be in the shadow of LeBron so congratulations to Kawhi and I wish him nothing but the best

  20. Aston Quan says:

    You not gone become the Greatest by helping someone that’s already considered greater than you. Thank About It – Kawhi Is Playing Chess..

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