I Watched Ancient Apocalypse So You Don’t Have To (Part 2)

I Watched Ancient Apocalypse So You Don’t Have To (Part 2)

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Howdy friends! In this video, we continue our deep dive into the wonderful and imaginative world of Graham Hancock, journalist, sociologist, pseudoscientist, and pyramid enthusiast. In his most recent documentary series on Netflix, Hancock postulates the existence of an ancient lost civilization that dominated the world at the end of the last ice age. Throughout this series I will be taking a balanced look at this claim, weighing each piece of evidence presented, in an attempt to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to support this potentially history-altering theory.

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00:00 Introduction and Addendum
01:40 Lesson 3: Sirius Rising
03:12 Malta’s Settlement
04:15 Gigantia
07:08 Gahar Dalam Cave
07:45 Cart Ruts
10:09 You Can’t Be Sirius
16:15 What Do Egyptians Have to Do With This?
17:41 A Special Thanks To Our Sponsor
19:33 Lesson 4: Ghosts of a Drowned World
21:24 The Bimini Wall (The Bimini Road)
25:45 Beach Rock Bonanaza
30:10 Its Not A Road
35:48 The Blue Hill Bay Archaeological Site
39:23 Maps Drawn by People Hundreds of Years Ago
41:09 The Piri Reis Map
44:13 Ice Free Antarctica
45:00 How To Make a Bad Argument
46:41 Credits and Thank Yous

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28 Responses

  1. Miniminuteman says:

    SPONSOR INFO: Compare news coverage from diverse sources around the world on a transparent platform driven by data. Try Ground News today: https://ground.news/miniminuteman

    • letsall getalong says:

      @Micah West I listened to many of his vids and I don’t agree with a lot of what he says and I’m not keen on his smarmyness, like he knows it all when he obviously doesn’t.

    • letsall getalong says:

      @Micah West sorry mate, I didn’t mean to get you butt hurt.

    • Micah West says:

      Instead of doing hit pieces on his work where he can’t respond. Why don’t you actually have a debate with him? Joe Rogan offered his platform for anyone who wants to debate him.

    • John Jenkins says:

      Love your longer vids keep up the good work

  2. Mirella Atilio says:

    Milo hating Atlantis while giving major Milo from Disney’s Atlantis energy is the funniest thing that he could do

    • Estarile says:

      @Karsten Elkjær I’m a deeply worried for the bored of directors in that case. But also true.

    • KinderSurprise says:


    • Karsten Elkjær says:

      @Estarile Also, remember that the Disney Movie takes place in a version of reality where Atlantis actually and indisputably exists, and thus the evidence of its existence would presumably be abundant in said reality.

    • The Rock Bottom says:

      But, there’s a REAL chance he was named after that character

    • leoneil316 says:

      @Cameron Berg because the live action atlantean doom lobster could never be good enough. Got to love those crazy atlantean doom lobsters

  3. derfinsterling says:

    My wife and I visited Gigantia about 15 years ago. It’s really impressive! We had a great tour guide, who gives us the rundown of the history, what’s known, what’s the (then-current) theory about some other things, them he asks the group: “What do you need to haul stones weighing several tons to this place?”

    The group gives a few answers, like slaves, wheels, logs, ropes… and he nods, but clearly we’re not giving him the answer he’s looking for. After a minute or so he responds: “Motivation! You don’t make that sort of effort just to have fun! And that tells us that this place was significant! It might have been a temple, it might have been a palace, but that also tells us something about their society!”

    Really engaging, interesting and fun tour.

    • Philip Hockenbury says:

      That’s a really cool tour guide

    • KKLH says:

      That’s a really cool idea. I do think we need to better as as society understand what we can do as a collective. We really need to inspire more love and understanding to eachother

  4. sKoggs TheDJ says:

    I’m so glad this series is reaching so many people since the first one trended. I always thought your videos needed to be seen by more people. Not that your YouTube career was unsuccessful prior to that by any means but hope this series sends your channel into the stratosphere of our beautiful flat earth.

  5. N O says:

    Everyone makes mistakes! I do appreciate how seriously you take your work, it’s seriously heartwarming. You’ve quickly become one of my all time favorite youtubers! ❤️

    • Lambo says:

      Not everyone perpetuates lies and builds paranoid conspiracies against themselves though. Hancock is not honest with himself or his audience. Not good.

  6. CityKanin says:

    As a fellow archaeologist, who dabbles into palaeontology – this series tickles me just right! 💚

  7. Terry Fedora says:

    I’m really enjoying this series. I love how sincerely thorough you are, how you do your best to be accountable when you’ve made an error, how just sheerly hilarious you are, all make this so much easier to learn. Thank you for making history so damn fun.

  8. Zorin Toto says:

    He is giving out “How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You This Lesson, Old Man?” Energy


      Which he doesn’t possess but thinks he does

    • garrettbrown775 says:

      @KKLH I don’t have time or will to critique any specific point. I was only appealing to common sense which is all it takes to break down Graham’s arguments. Just the fact of him omitting evidence that contradicts his claims is enough to question his theory. The history of the world is interesting enough on its own without having to create fantasies.

    • I-Love-CO Mountains says:

      Lmfaooooooo too accurate

    • Mme Guillotine says:

      @Queezus Christo .. You do realize he is fabrication evidence to support his claim’s rather than actually finding anything to do so right?
      It’s what religious archeology is famous for doing, ignoring everything that doesn’t support their claim and even falsifying and missussing the information and historical data they find to support their claims.

  9. Cate Ferguson says:

    Not only is all of your content incredibly well made and entertaining but it’s SO IMPORTANT. as an art history/archaeology student it’s really reassuring to see how many people are still passionate about our histories. Thank you 🙂

  10. eightoctaves says:

    Me and my husband were just in Malta this Jan. They have an amazing history and you can find tours of everything from churches, caves, ancient structures. Mdina is beyond stunning. They take their history very seriously and the insinuation that they’re intentionally missing or ignoring stuff because of Big-Archeology ™ or something is insane. If there were anything to his claims the Maltese would be on that so fast you’d get whiplash watching.

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