I watched Space Jam 2 so you don’t have to

I watched Space Jam 2 so you don’t have to

Space Jam: A New Legacy left me with 24 minutes worth of thoughts.
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42 Responses

  1. Yizzy says:

    I love how He Took Notes For Us Guys

  2. A Brown says:

    I don’t know what he’s going to do next. I don’t know when he will upload. All I know is that I will enjoy it all the same. Because my God, this was one of the best movie reviews of the decade

    • Evan Acosta says:

      He uploads everyday on alpharad plus

    • RobbisNinja says:

      Alpha starting to feel like the random variety of Jontron but good

    • Pigishis says:

      here here

    • sIyceth says:

      I NEVER watched space jam 1 in my life, not even a little bit. I also have never watched any Looney Tunes, I only played Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time and its sequel Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters.

      I LOVED space jam 2. I loved everything about it, apart from Harry Potter land not being entered and only mentioned and the planet shown (as well as the hufflepuff merch) I did not feel anything was in here for no reason. I love the idea Warner Bros is trying to be the new Disney, they have to compete with Universal Studios and MGM, so having a multiverse of franchises is EXACTLY what I wanted from them, Warner Bros NEEDS our support or else Disney will consume us all!

    • Hannes2.5 Hentschel says:

      Now he made a video like the Jontron Show. I wonder what he will do next

  3. PhazonOmega says:

    While Disney owns everything and WB cries “notice me senpai”, Legendary is over here just doing their thing, loving it, and making some of the most well made films of the modern era.

  4. NightFreeze9128 says:

    To quote a very wise fellow YouTube commenter, “LeBron James is canonically the only human who has met Big Chungus, making him based”

  5. thefuzstache says:

    This video got progressively more frantic and panicked, and Jacob screaming “It’s a plot point!!” At 17:18 just broke me. This is a man who has nothing left but the technicolor mess of basketball stars and furries that he now calls family.
    Also, “so Lebron James dies” cutting directly to an advertisement killed me

  6. Nardelli Gois vieira says:

    It feels rly good seeing Alpharad in his element, that being going fucking insane

  7. Hatsune Miku the Goddess says:

    “There’s a LOT of sexual tension between Lola and Lebron James. Why has nobody been talking about this?!”

    I just assume they’re too busy drawing the tension to talk about it

  8. CrashFu says:

    Before the movie came out, everyone was talking about how they took away Lola’s “huge”, “oversexualized” B-cup chest (lol) …

    But now that it’s out, not a goddamn person is talking about how they took away her entire personality along with it. Every line of dialogue she has is either boring basketball jargon or captain-obvious reactions to whatever is happening; She has no driving motivation as a character, no definable traits to her personality… it’s like she’s just a soulless doll, there to look cute and support the male leads.

    Oof. Talk about a step backwards.

    • Santoryu90 says:

      She definitely didn’t have much personality in this but let’s not pretend she was a super deep character in the original. Which why I kinda wish things like how she was betrayed in the Looney Tunes Show became the standard.

    • Exalted says:

      @Santoryu90 She didn’t even have much of a personality in the first one either and was just there as “Ooh look it’s a Girl Rabbit” every iteration of her is like that except the looney tunes show version where she’s basically the Dumb Blonde Trope.

    • Santoryu90 says:

      @Exalted That’s basically what I said she wasn’t a deep character to begin with

    • LJK401 says:

      2d Sonic is good

    • dallonvlogs says:

      Did you just call her, “doll”?

  9. Chrystian Valentyne says:

    the broken, confused “do they own that?” about the yay sound effect fucking DESTROYED me

  10. Chwaftka says:

    Dom is 12… he is literally not even old enough to go to E3. This whole movie’s plot could’ve stopped if Dom just does research to realize no under 13’s are allowed in E3…

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