I Watched Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer in 0.25x Speed and Here’s What I Found (Part 2)

I Watched Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer in 0.25x Speed and Here’s What I Found (Part 2)

i’m an idiot sandwich, give me rent. Oh you reading description?
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49 Responses

  1. The Canadian Lad says:

    – Where is the Eternals trailer breakdown?
    *inner spidey-gasm kicks in*
    – Gonna cry?

    • First Down Gaming says:

      On trending 14 in India

    • Roxell Dhean says:

      Do part 3 pls

    • Lil Timeeh says:

      Lads I have a theory.. so on the bridge where we see Peter, doc oc and the pumpkin bomb.. what if they got mj and now her mother (if that was her in the car) and some of peters other friends.. Peter looks over at all of them and thinks how he failed them and how his gonna get out of this one.. his scared, suits up into the iron spider on top of the car ready to do what’s necessary and then he hears in the back left corner… WITH GREAT POWER from the left COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY from the right..

      I think I’d love to hear those word said by both Tobey and Andrew they truly deserve to be the father figure to Peter in this movie

    • Jonathan Ruiz-Pineda says:

      Real question is why is Tom/peter wearing Toby Maguire suit

    • RocLobster says:

      @5:43 the view from the top makes the table Dr Strange was using look like the mysterious box we see later on

  2. Mr. Hitman says:

    Pretty much everyone’s *H Y P E D* for the nostalgia.

    • Samur/Aye says:

      @Joey Style says the most childish person here. Stay in school kid, maybe you’ll learn something called “self-awareness”… though I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • Iron man says:

      @John Sean lol I don’t think so Avengers was all build up 10 years and goosebumps I got in theatres was something else
      You guys are now just over hyping tobey lol he is not that great 😂

    • John Sean says:

      @Iron man hello peter itself already defeat all hype that owned by 10 years all build movie of avenger
      and you want to imagine what tobey gonna do?
      the world itself would explode if tobey join the tables

      “you guys just over hyping tobey lol he is not that great”

      he is not that great but the whole of hype yelling,screaming calling about “tobey” more than all avenger actors put together

      yes he is not that great

    • Iron man says:

      @John Sean ok chill I got it you are tobey fan I said I am not his fan so I don’t care whatever you think this movie is still not going to compete with endgame in box office 😂

    • John Sean says:

      @Iron man bcus it was pandemic if it before pandemic endgame box office is small margin for no way home

  3. Ricky chen says:

    I believe that watching theory episodes like this, enhances the movie watching experience. This is because you will think about these details and when they come true you jump a bit in your heart, since you know this and you get exited since you know what happens next or just fully understand it.


    when Dr.strange goes serious mode” hey wanna have a cup of tea”
    when Dr. strange goes in vacation mode and wong warns him about the multiversal spell “winks his eye to spiderman”

  5. Mohd Zaher says:

    Everyone’s talking about where’s Tobey and Andrew but they never ask how’s Tobey and Andrew

  6. Rajkumar Tirpude says:

    I really wish Stanley’s soul and spirit watches this movie in the heavens!

  7. R01 D says:

    just pointing how when Tobey unmasked, New Yorkers was like “be careful! he is a hero”

    and when Tom unmasked, New Yorkers was like “MURDERER”

    • Shreks Airpods says:

      Taken out of context but ok…..

    • XpFlowExclusive says:

      @Rajarshi Majumdar Wat context……? Tom literally had fame for about 3 years and also saving the World. Why would a guy just claim he’s a murderer and everyone else just listens. People should be shocked, at best and not 100% against him. Tobey Spiderman didn’t save the world but he had critics on both side, that if he takes his mask off and be called a killer, people won’t be on his ass like that.

    • Rajarshi Majumdar says:

      @XpFlowExclusive …..imma need some more explanation there chief.

    • XpFlowExclusive says:

      @Rajarshi Majumdar I’m not sure how u can’t follow?

    • NukeOverseer says:

      yeah, cause tom was literally framed for mysterio’s murder

  8. Vinicius Nunes says:

    Sony: You can’t predict everything from a single teaser trailer
    Canadian Lad: I missed the part where that’s my problem

  9. Macam TV says:

    I can’t believe we are talking about a Spidey film that has the potential to be better than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2

    • Jeevan Aaron says:

      FourOfFive I mean yeah, for us comic book spidey fans. But I’m sure Mysterio caught a lot of people off guard with that plot twist, especially with those extras additions (his subordinates). But this ain’t the point, I feel like Far From Home hit that perfect teen Peter Parker sweet spot with the whole Rom Com aspect and the whole Iron Man mantle aspect. And I loved the way they incorporated him losing “Peter Tingle” with the fight with Mysterio’s drones, just felt like it did it better than when Peter lost his powers back in the Sam Rami movie. And agreed, JK Simmons was so unexpected yet so nostalgic and beautiful

    • Josiah Ramdeen says:

      @PS filmz Still not as good as Spider-Man 2 in my opinion

    • BOB777777777700 says:


    • PS filmz says:

      @Josiah Ramdeen yeah And I respect your opinion

    • Adnan says:

      @Wayward Vector “memes are divine” so you basiclly worship memes? Thats so stupid

  10. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    So many people will be willing to give up their rent money to watch this in theaters opening day.

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