I Watched WandaVision Ep. 7 in 0.25x Speed and Here’s What I Found

I Watched WandaVision Ep. 7 in 0.25x Speed and Here’s What I Found

Detailed shot-by-shot analysis of WandaVision Episode 7 at 0.25x speed. This episode was crazy!
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78 Responses

  1. The Canadian Lad says:

    The name’s Agatha Harkness!

  2. Medical Vlogger says:

    Everybody: Wanda is most traumatized.
    The woman in ad: meh…

  3. FURE A FILA I Victor Ribeiro says:

    I’m… mephisto??

  4. Fast Lane Gaming says:

    *Me after that damn Post Credit Scene* 👁👄👁

  5. Noob Master says:

    Billy And Tommy:**JOHN WICK MODE INITIATED**

    • Adriana Garcia says:

      I don’t think it was for no reason though, remember how she was inquiring wanda about her abilities to bring the dead back to life, I feel like she used sparky to test if wanda was capable of resurrection given that Vision is alive. Maybe Agatha lost someone, or she’s just trying to test the limits of wanda’s powers to leech off of her. I mean both her and her henchman Pietro keep asking a lot of questions about her powers.

    • Noob Master says:

      @Adriana Garcia maybe

    • Matheus Pereira says:

      I was told that was a comic thing, Agatha uses a ritual where some whatever creature, such as a human or an animal, eats a specific flower, then she kills the creature, cut the corpse open and the flower allows her to foresee the future

  6. TheStar 07 says:

    Darcy’s lucky. She gets to see a new WandaVision episode every day while we have to wait a week.

  7. Jocelyn Valentino says:

    Billy technically can read Agnes’ mind, he just said “your quiet Agnes” because she is the only one who doesn’t scream for help / to be let out. Unlike the other citizens in Westview who are in pain on the inside and scream themselves up, that’s why Billy heard them as “loud noises”

    • Krishna Das says:

      I agree. Because, Agnes seems a little bit surprised for the moment. She literally takes a pause by looking at Billy.

    • WafflingMean44 says:

      Yeah also Agnes looked quite worried once she realised Billy could read her mind. I can just imagine her thinking “If these two figure out I’m evil there’s no way in hell I’m going to be able to catch the fast one.”

    • Tech says:

      That’s what I was thinking at first then this man said “he can’t read her mind” and I just agree

    • Brandon _2 says:

      smart, smart

    • Hogg Gg says:

      @WafflingMean44 i think she probably could catch him, for one she could make like a barrier or something, but she could also do what Billy did in the last episode, stop his speed or something

  8. adela paz says:

    The title didn’t shown here but I’ll say it anyway. Wandavision. The second “I” of vision is different. It’s like it has some Easter egg. My theory is, Mephisto is in Vision’s unconscious mind. Everything is glitching because Vision is still fixing himself after he got out of border.

  9. Teloads says:

    You may not notice this but that voice behind the camera saying “do you think think this is what you deserve?” Is agnes’s voice but deeper

  10. Ayaan Shaik says:

    In the opening scene where everything says Wanda, there is a number plate that says her name along with the number 122822. This is a reference to the late Stan Lee’s date of birth which is the 28th of December 1922.

  11. Preston C says:

    Fun Fact: While Wanda is getting cereal, what the radio show is saying matches what she’s doing.

  12. Ankit.R says:

    Agnes : “And I killed sparky too”
    John wick : “Asking a kid for a pencil”

  13. Leah B says:

    Canadian Lad is one of the few people to catch that Monica was using her powers in the mid-credit scene. That’s why she saw purple and her eyes were purple.

    • Claudia Mirandola says:

      Was it her power though? Her eyes seemed violet/purple rather that light blue (the color they had when she was confronting Wanda)

  14. The Fab Aj says:

    Agatha : kills dog

    John wick somewhere : BITCH, IMA COMMING…..

  15. RodTV says:

    Ralph as Mephisto 😂

  16. Big Mich says:

    Agatha: “and I killed sparky”

    Wandavision big cameo enters…..John Wick

  17. Belen Pastor says:

    Darcy: I’ve been watching Wandavision for the past week.
    Everyone: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  18. Mark Andrew says:

    The “she” mentioned by Norm is actually Agnes and she tried to frame Wanda is behind these to vision.

  19. Ace Q says:

    Pretty sure the “I actually did bite a kid once” thing is a reference to the whole witches eating Hansel and Gretel thing

  20. FLOOR GANG AOOH says:

    Everyone: ok

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