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74 Responses

  1. ZShaun says:

    They really hit it off 😂

  2. TheEmilywelsh says:

    This made me so uncomfortable lmao

  3. AbsolutelyNot4 says:

    regardless of whether Michelle is “okay” with this or not (and I think it’s admirable that she is), this honestly makes me uncomfortable reading so many of these comments that are shipping gabbie and matt…

  4. Peyton Sawyer says:

    No clue why everyone is coming for Gabbie in the comments lmao I’m literally the most jealous girlfriend but even I see the girlfriend is cool with it and doesn’t care, therefore no one else should!!

  5. Dominic Cervantes says:

    Wait why is Michelle’s boyfriend on so many dating apps if he’s in a relationship 🤔

  6. Fatin Siti says:

    Umm don’t come for her lmao … You guys do know that everyone’s lives are vastly different, right? You can personally be uncomfortable watching these videos just like other people can be uncomfortable watching any other video on Youtube but don’t try to make Gabbie out as some homewrecker when you clearly do not know any of these people personally… “I once was betrayed-” “My boyfriend-” “If I were her-” Yeah, okay, but those situations are all *you* though, and it has nothing to do with them so don’t act as if you know what’s inherently right or wrong, okay or not okay, for other people? It doesn’t work that way? Giving your opinion about the video is one thing, but assuming things about Gabbie or Michelle or her boyfriend is just stupid and unnecessary.

  7. Kenna Norder says:

    “I can’t wait for Gabbie to find out that Matt only drinks chocolate milk. I don’t think she’s realised that yet.”

  8. Shelby Stych says:

    When they held hands I actually gagged. This just isn’t cool 🙈 I’d be livid as all hell if it were me. Even if it was Michelle’s idea, there are limits! AND to top it off, he was into it! I super cringed.

  9. ashlyn says:

    if i was michelle i would be kinda pissed, not because gabbie’s more compatible than michelle but because gabbie was rubbing it in too much, and i know that it’s playful but she doesn’t know when to stop sometimes

  10. Liza Dobrik says:

    I feel kinda bad for Michelle… She seemed bothered by the fact that Gabbie and Matt matched and not them the actual couple… Idk dont attack me😂💁

    • Destiny Humrich says:

      I totally agree, I love Gabbie and I’m not trying to come for her but this is so awkward. It’s great content for Youtube and I’m sure it was initially a funny idea between her and Michelle, but when it was actually happening Michelle was like “ohhhh no” hahaha

  11. Liza Dobrik says:

    I don’t like that people are commenting about how Gabbie is taking him away from Michelle like

    1. This was Michelle’s idea
    2. All 3 had to consent
    3. Michelle is Gabbie’s friend. If she was uncomfortable, she’d tell her or Matt

    Don’t be rude 🙂 There is a reason why Matt chose Michelle over Gabbie even though she had admitted to flirting with him years ago and he still didn’t choose Gabbie. It’s all ok guys 🙂

  12. Ray Ray Aaron says:

    “When are Michelle and Gabbie going on a date?”

    “This is over the line Gabbie took it too far and michelle looked so uncomfortable!”

    “Y’all are too sensitive iT wAs MiChElLeS iDeA”

    ” I SHIP (matt and gabbie/gabbie and michelle/michelle and Garrett)”

    “Matt looks like Toby from The Office”

    “Im from Pittsburgh too”

    There save your time reading the comments

  13. Sarai M. says:

    I love Michelle and Gabbie in the same video.

  14. Jewel Mansur says:

    Lol you guys all look so cute together!
    Gabbie so chill
    So is Michelle for letting you do this, I don’t know anyone who would

  15. Jewel Mansur says:

    *”I could key Gabbie’s car”*
    Low key so jealous in case they have a great date

  16. showstoppersam says:

    1. clearly both michelle and matt were okay with all of this, otherwise they wouldn’t agree to the video
    2. you can clearly here the jokes during the date, it was suppose to be funny
    3. pls don’t ship gabbie and matt 🙄

  17. Michelle Khare says:

    Guys! It was all a joke and for fun. Gabbie’s my friend! Both she AND Matt asked me every step of the way off camera what was and was not ok. we are all good! ❤️😘 plus Matt is making me dinner rn so I can’t complain 😆😜

  18. showstoppersam says:

    wait nothing to do with the video but more about your performance in india, are you performing satellite??

  19. Ambree K says:

    I would never trust Gabbie alone with a boyfriend. She seems like the type.

  20. TaraLee says:

    I put my hand under too! Over is too weird!

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