I Went To A Lost Luggage Store

I Went To A Lost Luggage Store

Hello friends & welcome to another video!! This week, I traveled to a Lost Luggage store with HopeScope to buy and try some lost luggage items…

Over the past few years, we have tried a number of interesting ~secondhand purchasing experiences~, like buying an abandoned storage unit, buying a box of Amazon customer returns, and visiting an Amazon returns store – and something that I have been very interested in trying for quite a while now, is buying lost airline luggage. Because apparently if you lose a piece of luggage while traveling, and never come back for it, the airline will eventually sell it. And if you’re in the US, chances are that they will sell it to the Unclaimed Baggage store in Scottsboro, AL – who sorts through and resells the items from that lost luggage. So we flew down there with our friend HopeScope to check out the store and buy a lost luggage haul of our own: a head-to-toe outfit each!! What did you guys think of our lost looks? Would you shop at this store?

PS – Unclaimed Baggage does sell some of their inventory online here!

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Check out Unclaimed Baggage here!

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41 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! hope you guys enjoy our investigation into the Unclaimed Baggage store! what did you guys think of our Lost Looks ™? what’s one treasure we should have picked up? make sure you check out our collab on HopeScope’s channel after this one!! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5aHcu19wio – xoxo, saf

  2. Tyler Williams says:

    next collab: Tyler and Tyler wear matching velvet overalls for a day 👯‍♂️

  3. RinRin Doll says:

    Had no idea about this! 😮😮😮 glad something is done about lost luggages!

  4. Tsumichama Nyan says:

    I think most of the time, *you* didn’t lose the luggage, *the airline* did. Some airlines are notorious for losing people’s luggage especially when there are layovers. To the point where it’s best to just bring hand luggage when there’s a layover.

    • Fangs OfWhite says:

      Look into the story around the Hoggle Puppet. They are 100% not just “loosing” people’s luggage.

    • Jamie Christman says:

      I agree! Some many stories about airlines on TikTok are horrible. I’d ONLY have in my suitcase, clothes and toiletries. Everything else would be in my carry-on

  5. Sam Bryant says:

    This makes me so anxious to travel… this is literally my worst nightmare.

    • sparkles says:

      i just got home from chicago and my luggage is is limbo 🙁 it truly is a nightmare

    • Fangs OfWhite says:

      @Sam Bryant Look into the Hoggle Puppet. These people will not care if you have sentimental value, if they want your items they will take it. Sometimes, like the Hoggle Puppet, they will even refuse to sell it back to the owners. This is a terrible store.

    • Fangs OfWhite says:

      Look into the story around the Hoggle Puppet. These people are scammers and yeah, if they want your items they will take it.

    • Fangs OfWhite says:

      @bad boy Look into the story around the Hoggle Puppet. No, if they want your item, you will not get it back. This is a known scam.

    • Justina Sim says:

      @9melissal yess even before you check in, it always recommends to not add any important stuff into check in bags.

  6. Lucas Fernandez says:

    Chastity looks like parents on Christmas looking at their kids open their Christmas present like “omg how did that get there”

  7. HopeScope says:

    This store was MADE for you lol I’m so glad we got to visit together 🙌🏼🧳

  8. M Swanson says:

    I went there a long time ago and was honestly let down by the whole experience! It’s just a huge resell store and the prices weren’t amazing deals
    There were a ton of duplicate clothing items so that at least makes total sense that they buy crates too

  9. Korben B says:

    I’m honestly just shocked how expensive most of the stuff was, like who has time to go through and price all of that?

  10. Sophie Cleverly says:

    This makes me feel so weird 😅 like one the one hand I’m glad the stuff is not just getting thrown away. But on the other, losing my luggage is a nightmare to me! I label everything because I’m so worried about it. The only thing I’ve lost so far is my sunglasses but that made me really sad, they were prescription and my holiday insurance said they couldn’t do anything. The idea of someone selling my treasured things because the airport lost them is so upsetting!

    • pvic says:

      @Roan C then was was the 90 days thing about hmmmm. this is suspicious

    • Roan C says:

      @carlesbarkley in hopes video where she purposefully lost her luggage she was told that after the airline had her luggage for three days it would be shipped to alabama. Three days.

    • PorkChopie says:

      i once did a dumber, i bought some clothes in spain on holiday that i loved, then literally left them somewhere on a beach like a dumbass. went to rebuy and you guessed it somehow lost it again. the universe was telling me the clothes werent it i guess xD

    • carlesbarkley says:

      Yeah I feel the same way. I don’t feel like it’s often the individuals fault for losing and not being able to recover their luggage like the owners portray in the video, sometime the airlines just don’t get it back to you

    • HIBA TV says:

      Esta sesion de trap igual esta piola .

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