I went to Japan and Spent too much Money

I went to Japan and Spent too much Money

No, Jaiden and I actually just went to Japan and spent way too much money
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thank you to my team, my friends, and anyone else reading this
couldn’t have done this without you

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27 Responses

  1. The Official Pokémon YouTube channel says:

    Enjoy! ❤💜

  2. Nikhil Nair says:

    Alpha really went through “five stages of vacationing” from questionable food choices to Irresponsible spending to Reminiscing past to Appreciating life to Bringing back gifts! What a lad✨

  3. Toastr125 says:

    How did this go from “haha look at funny man spending way too much money” to incredibly heartfelt so fast 🥺

  4. Suspicious Temmie says:

    I don’t cry much (at all), but hearing Jacob talk about how happy he is with his life and then seeing how happy his friends were with their gifts a few minutes later made me tear up. It was genuinely one of the most wholesome things I’ve ever seen

    • LordDragox412 says:

      11:14 – happiest moment of his life 😉

    • Jimbo says:

      They were all so excited and each gift seemed to be handpicked to each person’s interests; he somehow knows and remembers each of his MANY friends on a deep level. What a blessing to have a friend like him :,)

    • Yanntastisch says:

      It was really really cute. Makes me wish I had friends like that.

  5. SamBarjo says:

    I had the biggest smile plastered on my face for the entire last 5 minutes of this video. So wholesome.

  6. Shio says:

    Giving back to my friends is genuinely one of my biggest goals in life and it makes me so happy to see Jacob was able to do it to his friends.

  7. RubberRoss says:

    Thanks for all the gifts brother, love ya.

    I was sweating on stream with how many One Piece spoilers were in that box tho LMAO

  8. Geodorii says:

    Never thought an alpharad video would radiate such feel good energy. It hurts to smile this much. Thank you for this Jacob, but also, damn you for making my face sore!

  9. ThatRhythmGamer says:

    Like goddamn man. I felt a lot of that in my soul. Hitting me in the feels at the end, straight up made me cry as you gave your friends all the stuff you bought. I hope to one day be able to do the same, buy as much stuff, for all those friends I hold so dear to me as well. Your an amazing man Alpharad

  10. Braphics says:

    This was such a wholesome video. I’m honestly so happy seeing you enjoy yourself and still think of your friends (and about how many suitcases you now own)

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