I Went To Prom For The First Time

I Went To Prom For The First Time

“Will they accept us into the teen community??”

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OUE Skyspace LA Grand Opening Block Party
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53 Responses

  1. AnimeloverBrisa says:


  2. Abigail Gozcu says:

    When people say first u never see it cuz it goes to the bottom so basically Ur last ?

  3. Aubrey Bell says:

    Wow I’m happy for you bcuz you never went to prom in your teen years

  4. Lilly Linder says:

    Ok my country we dont have prom but something that is called “ball” ???

  5. Cool Cat says:

    and guys just borrow a suit they found in the attic and maybe even brush their hair WHICH TAKES 10 min MAX

    • Jack zimmerman says:

      I’m on my boyfriends account, but he dropped 400$ on a new suit, got a haircut, rented a limousine and so much more. So I don’t think it’s ok to just make that kind of statement.

    • Deemii says:

      No one forced anyone to do anything? And not everyone does that, just sound like girl assuming what all guy does

    • Lee Trevis says:

      Cool Cat no baby no…

    • Nicole Obrien says:

      Buys expensive suit, rented limousine, bought nice corsage, shaved, showered, brushed teeth, got their hair cut and styled, got their nails done (no color just filed and healthy) , and you’re saying guys don’t do much!?!?

    • Sean Barry says:

      No. No we don’t.

  6. Claire Xu says:

    Prom is like a fantasy for middle schoolers, but then when u get to high school…

    • Liz Harvey says:

      I’m going to 7th and like the type of “prom” we have is school dances in middle school and most people don’t even think about prom

    • Retro.gal.exe says:

      I’m in highschool and prom is fun. Just let yourself and other people have fun

    • brooke says:

      Liz Harvey middle school “dances” aren’t even like prom. at middle school dances you literally do nothing but stand around and look awkward with your friends. i’m not saying prom isn’t like that but trust me they aren’t the same?.

  7. Viola Overlord says:

    I literally got upload notifications from FOUR DIFFERENT BUZZFEED CHANNELS. AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Do they like yell between departments, “3,2,1, GO!!!” ?

  8. MikeMJPMUNCH says:

    I thought Eli was going to say “but then my date saw my Dad and went with him instead”

  9. Jordan Clanton says:

    “you look like Sansa, season 1”??I thought the same thing as soon as she came out lmao

  10. Grace Power says:

    That promposal was best friend goals it was so adorable omg??

  11. Leyla Antarez says:

    dAmn, jasmine was the prom queen?! and that story gadiel!!

  12. martian_marzan says:

    My HS had junior prom and senior ball. And I had an AP exam the same day as each of them

  13. Lk_ari ᴖᴥᴖ says:

    Jazz: I was prom queen


  14. Ande Xhegwana says:

    South African proms are actual ?
    ~ red carpets
    ~ dresses made just for you
    ~ dinner
    ~ After parties
    ~ Alcohol (legal drinking age 18)
    ~ it’s the best thing and everyone looks like a celebrity
    SEARCH IT……….

  15. amrh says:

    The part when lindsay was trying the dresses.. it looked like an episode of say yes to the dress ?????

  16. Laiba Wajid says:

    The promposal was better than what most highschool kids come up with

  17. sarah gomez says:

    i think jazzmyne should have promposed linsday she has never been promposed ?

    • Kristin Howard says:

      She probably wanted to propose rather than be proposed to. They are both equally a first time thing.

    • Bri says:

      I think this is what everyone was thinking. It would’ve been cuter had jazz did it. Doesn’t really make sense that jazz gets the special surprise lol

    • Kristin Howard says:

      @Bri but think of the males who traditionally do the proposing, they get that fun experience of asking. Lindsay looked like she had so much fun putting it together, and her excitement at the end. Maybe she would’ve enjoyed being proposed to in high school, but now in her mid-20s the idea of getting to plan it may have been more exciting. I know it sounds funner to me (also mid-20s), I wish I would have promposed to my boyfriend, I would’ve done something elaborate and fun. He just gave me flowers, which was nice at the time, but I think of how much fun it would be to do it for him!

    • Amelie Doblick says:

      sarah gomez jazzmyne *

    • Krystal Morales says:

      I was thinking the same lol

  18. Dark Pizza says:

    Jaz should’ve proposed to her not the other way around jaz once got a promposal and Lindsay didn’t

  19. weird world says:

    “So guys I’m not gonna show u the dress

    Intro we saw u in a red dress

    ” So I found a color that match my dress

    U show us it

  20. Kiley Kincaid says:

    Why didn’t Lindsay get a promposal being that she’s never been to prom?? ??‍♀️

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