I went to see Morbius 5 days in a row

I went to see Morbius 5 days in a row

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34 Responses

  1. Eddy Burback says:

    oh no morbius just sucked me dry

  2. Infamous Swoosh says:

    your sacrifice was not in vain man, this video was hilarious and i havent even seen morbius

  3. Cyranek says:

    eddy is the one who bought all 1 morbiliion tickets

  4. Jack says:

    The part where Eddy can’t get hand soap out of any of the dispensers at the theater is the most relatable shit i’ve ever seen

  5. Explosive Gopher says:

    It’s likely that Eddy has no seen Morbius more times than any other human alive.

    • blastfire21 says:

      Jared Leto own a movie theater in California where he just shows movies he’s in so eventually someone else might watch this movie

    • Brandon Jackson says:

      I’d be willing to bet that includes the editors the worked on the movie too!

  6. Kadz says:

    Morbius is the first movie to sell tickets.

  7. lifeHacker 42 says:

    Eddy you missed the best line in the movie when Morbius is making the Milo poison he tells the doctor lady it’s “Fatal to bats… Deadly to humans”. That just summarises the movie perfectly

    • atcfsut says:

      Literally had to look this up and it’s “deadly to bats, fatal to humans” hoo boy

    • DerHundKaiser says:

      @lifeHacker 42 Technically deadly doesn’t mean guaranteed death. So he could mean that it kills bats for sure, but humans it is “Able to cause death” according to the definition.

    • lifeHacker 42 says:

      @Lossn’t oh it’s real, I don’t remember it exactly so he could have used slightly different synonyms or said them the other way around but still

    • Tim Burgess says:

      No way lol

  8. Amber W says:

    As a movie theater As. manager I would def allow this and support the money going to Everything Everywhere All at Once, but be extremely concerned with anyone seeing Morbius once let alone 5 times. I don’t have to pay for movies, but I feel like even watching some movies is too much support.

  9. Alexa Grace says:

    eddy’s plan to see morbius while supporting everything everywhere was EXACTLY what i did lmfao

  10. AvidAlchemy says:

    I hope eddy understands that after the 3rd day the movie staff was definitely starting to notice

    • spectre says:

      Someone in the comments said they currently work at that theatre and they only pay attention to patrons if they’re minors, they don’t even look at the titles on the tickets

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