I went to the jake & tana wedding lol

I went to the jake & tana wedding lol

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my first internet wedding YAY!!!! congrats to the newly weds jake & tana, what an EXPERIENCE LOL. truly a night to remember. hope you enjoyed keeping up with me this week and OMG MOOSE PLUSHIE. IF U DONT KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT…. KEEP WATCHING!!

♡ XO lauren


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77 Responses

  1. Duh_itz_Kare Bear says:

    I can’t believe they actually got married

  2. yeye Yeye says:

    Me : looking at the comments

    Legit everyone: fIrSt!

    Me: um…….. what..

  3. Blue Sizzle says:

    Imagine being invited to Jake Paul’s wedding

  4. slime master says:

    I watched Alex’s video for this competition that you’re in and he said that he was rooting for you

  5. Ashley Heyer says:

    Lauren SLAYS every outfit! You go girl!!!!
    Love you so much!!!!!

    CHEERS to your success

  6. mimi says:

    Welp at least I didn’t have to pay 50 dollars to watch the wedding but lysm luaren

  7. Pink and Fave says:

    how many times at the wedding does Lauren says “I’m Dead” LIKE HOW MANY CAN U SAY GURL

  8. Elitzabeth Varillas says:

    Just saw her title and Alex’s title and realized that they both were there

  9. GALAXY LPS says:

    I got like a bunch of notifications all at once, and they all had to do with the Jana Wedding ???

  10. holykittensironman93 says:

    Fun video. Vegas is a dry heat though right? That’s why the camera didn’t fog. Humidity. When I get into my car in the afternoon, my glasses instantly fogs, lol #Florida

  11. xęlïýìä 2007 says:

    Wait hold up my tea is ?

    Oh no now I spilled it


  12. Mam 14 says:

    I love how Lauren is getting more comfortable showing Jeremy in her videos/vlogs. Their relationship makes me so happy!

  13. jess mok says:

    omg i would have never thought you would go to the wedding and i’m so proud of you for coming out of your comfort zone doing the challenger game!!! it’s hotter in arizona

  14. Kyle says:

    they made $250,000 from live stream. Honestly shocked that many people paid $50 to watch but they knew people would. ?

  15. Baddie Mari says:

    Who else saw moose being a trouble maker at .45 sec ??? he’s soo cute

  16. Mikayla Lacson says:

    Is it me or sometimes Lauren would have a canadian accent ( when she says tmrw in the beginning of the vlog ) and an American accent ( At Jana’s wedding )
    u made it this far so can u at least give me a like ?(if u want)

  17. Kat says:

    50 seats and 500 people

    sounds like another tanacon

  18. Lyoko says:

    So is Tana going by Tana Paul or she staying mogeau cuz I like Tana mogeau it has a nice ring to it

  19. AmyM& Beauty says:

    Surprised more people weren’t passing out. 50 seats and 500 people. Tanacon 2.o

  20. LaurDIY says:

    MOOSE PLUSHIE…. if u know u know ✨
    AUG 11TH

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