I will beat you with my left hand Kevin Hart.

I will beat you with my left hand Kevin Hart.

It was just supposed to be a light dinner in Paris, with my guys Neymar and Kevin Hart. Then Kevin decided to irresponsible and challenged me a to three point shoot out. The catch was I had to shoot left handed, while he could use his right hand. Loser had to donate to a charity of the winner’s choice.

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43 Responses

  1. Ryan Cho says:

    When Kevin hart shoots better than your point guard

  2. Shaun Tayaba says:

    6:35 lmaoo Jimmy was big mad when he didn’t do the celebration right ??

  3. Michael Robles says:

    Damn, imagine having dinner with Kevin Hart, Jimmy Butler and Neymar

  4. KaptainBasketball says:

    Damn I was legit sweating when Kevin hart went up 2-0

  5. Dj From-Mexico says:

    Me:smoking on the highway
    Police:*turns on lights*
    Homie in the car: 3:52

  6. Typical Sports Gamer says:

    I want you to beat a different Kevin, Kevin Durant.

  7. LaezyMe says:

    How would it be possible to serve kevin hart jimmy butler and neymar jr and hold your composure

  8. Abrahim Eisa says:

    Man I played basketball with jimmy in Minnesota like 4 months ago in a lifetime
    That’s crazy

  9. TheFranklinHD says:

    That man said he “You know he got a heart murmur!” Lmao ?

  10. KG Slump God says:

    Kevin hart got a better jumper than ben simmons
    That’s toughh

  11. Morgan Jones says:

    His YouTube should be a Netflix series ??

  12. Khyri Tucker says:

    “Probably his pocket, cause he looks like he steals” ??

  13. Emmanuel-John Turner says:

    *Kevin Hart:* “As a trainer, I blame you. It aint his fault.”

    *Me:* ??????

  14. Chrysus says:

    I like how Neymar is just there with no one noticing

  15. Rebel Rebel says:

    PLOT TWIST: Jimmy was left handed all this time.

  16. Mark Schapira says:

    Imagine being friends with Jimmy Butler Kevin Hart and Neymar

  17. Amelie Kurlander says:

    Jimmy out here shooting lefty and hangs out with Kevin Hart and Neymar f*ckin jr. all my favs hanging like whaaa

  18. Jack Wallis says:

    I know he’s in the NBA but this is still extremely impressive shooting with the off hand

  19. nicky tu says:

    What if…Hart is a secret lefty who’s shooting with his off hand too….

  20. Matteo Picotti says:

    9:20 this part had me dying “probably his pocket, because he looks like he steals” ???

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