I will do better

I will do better

Hey guys, just wanted to discuss a situation I had with a fan of mine that was brought to my attention yesterday. I was truly so saddened watching a video she posted about an experience we had together and I wanted to talk this moment to apologize for my short comings. I am on a path of bettering myself every single day and I will continue to do my best for you, my family, and myself.
I love you all so much and thank you for being the best followers anyone could ask for.

Also I had to disable comments because Dan was getting TONS of hate and that is just not fair to her! I do not condone those kind of comments and we need to focus on being positive and spreading love! Remember, she is a young girl and whether or not she accepts my apology is up to her! Please don’t send her hate.

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55 Responses

  1. Sara Bgo says:

    You need to apologize to someone else now. AHEM.

  2. Kayla Rae says:

    I think all the beauty gurus just need to take a break from each other, and just go take a walk through nature something.

  3. Angela Stein says:


  4. Cecilia Jongte says:

    Manny with all sincerity,go find new friends!!

  5. Rimsha Khalid says:

    U made the right choice manny

  6. Brooke says:

    Why would she hug you first?

  7. A'neil Campbell says:

    Manny, sat back and took notes about how to handle the situation. No background, no makeup, just connecting and no back to regular makeup reviews πŸ‘

  8. Melina Rush says:

    CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME?? because from the looks of it, manny did absolutely nothing and this girl is over reacting and needs to stop spilling *cold* tea. (no hate to anyone)

  9. Eleanor Marsh says:

    Manny find better friends.

  10. Bonnielicious says:

    Cough” still four months left”cough

  11. Anahi Ruiz says:

    lol I don’t believe these β€œbeauty gurus.” they all have huge egos that get themselves in trouble.

    • YesIAmAbby says:

      Anahi Ruiz No, people do things everyday that are bad, it’s just because they’re on a huge platform, it gets called out more. Like, I roll my eyes all the time, and if I was a youtuber, I would probably be called out for it and would have to apologize as well.

    • beretamomma says:

      Anahi Ruiz wow sounds like people arent allowed to make mistakes. Please tell me how lomg you have been perfect?!

    • narmaK says:

      That’s what happens when you bring gay guys together

  12. Lexie Boo says:

    Honestly I don’t think Manny is a bad guy, the irrelevant 3 ppl are the ones that drag him and make him turn

  13. Zachary Booth says:

    Can we talk about the Gabriel situation?

  14. Nicole Bailey says:

    And nothing again about the trip the photo! I really expected more from manny and laura! There are sooooo many young ppl looking up to yall! So yall are teaching them just ignore situations and it will pass. Smh!!!!! You have this career you are now role models! Does everyone mess up? Yes but in real life you have to apologize and try to make it better. Yes im proud of manny for saying sorry to danny! That was right to do. But you cant give the ppl a bone by saying sorry for pass things and ignoring whats going on in the present!!!! This video should of been about EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON!!!!!

    • Alyssa Masewicz says:

      Nicole Bailey β€œin real life” people would’ve bat an eye and left the entire picture alone. β€œIn real life” if they weren’t in the public eye, none of this would be happening. Yes, it happened and β€œthey should own up to it,” but FFS why do people think YouTubers need to apologize for every thing? If they wanna throw shade, let them, regardless if he knew or not. Half of the problems were caused FROM SOMEONE ELSE. YouTubers, in general, are STILL HUMAN‼️‼️ Mistake is a mistake.

  15. Candace Taylor says:

    Well I’m still unfollowing but I’m glad you apologized

  16. Michelle Marie says:


  17. KxS says:

    *when your channel is lowkey dying so you need views*

  18. Kyra Law says:

    Get rid of gabbie Laura and Nikita and then you’ll be successful

  19. _.Sirius says:

    lol B U L L S H I T

  20. Amena Teferi says:

    Everyone perceives things differently. I’m an introverted / shy person so when I saw the video it looked like you had an awkward moment and then laughed from embarrassment. But that’s just my take on it. Good for you apologizing to the girl.

    • beretamomma says:

      Amena Teferi. This is how I am when I feel uncomfortable. Make silly faces and weird jokes. Just me being socially awkward.

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