I will legally change my name to LitFam

I will legally change my name to LitFam


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83 Responses

  1. Scout Elite says:

    Don’t agree with ajit pai

    AlexNet Neutrality

  2. LucertolaNera says:

    Litfam is still better than ajit Pai.

  3. Road to 100 subs with one video. says:

    Such a vote of confidence… so sure that we’ll lose net neutrality that he’ll bet his name.

  4. Antagonist Red says:

    I really hope for your sake it’s just your middle name. If it’s your last name you might have to cancel that wedding thing you started, because I don’t think Erin would stick around to get that as her name too.

  5. Lorenzo says:

    Ajit Pai wants to kill Harambe again

  6. Lit says:

    *-JUST DO IT-*
    Edit: thank you jacksfilms for the big surprise 😀

  7. BloxLogics says:

    you fucking idiot


  8. Matthew MacQuarrie says:

    Cop: Can I get some ID sir?
    *Hands ID*
    Cop: What the fu-

  9. LumaTheCreative says:

    Sometimes you gotta lose a battle to win the war.

  10. RacingManiacMan says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are pretty
    Text ‘RESIST’ to 50409 to save #NetNeutrality

  11. Thomas G says:

    LITFAM stands for:
    Telecom companies

  12. Awesome1 says:

    This video better get on trending. Hero’s are made by the decisions they make and the people they affect. Jack is a true hero. Or should I say, LitFam is a true hero.

  13. Smartza Peple says:

    Yesterday I asked you… oh wait… I didn’t pay for Youtube this month.

  14. Adventures of the Abbottt Clan says:


  15. Zarr says:

    When I first heard about Net Neutrality being under attack I was pretty bummed out about it.
    But then I thought the FCC will probably be happier to to take it away from me than I will be sad to loose it.
    The total happiness in the world increased.
    So, Whatever.

  16. Lit says:


  17. Marko Productions says:

    Better change it to Alexander Hamilton or me me big boy.Litfam? You’re not even trying!

  18. Man of Matt says:

    Why is this under “comedy”?
    This should be under “Heroism”

  19. Jonniebeans says:

    “What’s your name?”
    “Oh, that’s a unique name”
    “It’s short for Jack.”
    CMON SQUAD FAM. We gotta save the internet so our big boi LiftFam can keep making his films. Contact your representatives!

  20. Cap'nCinnamonBun says:

    Kind of reminds me of that guy who got his name changed daily on “The Secret Show”

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