I Will Start an Only Fans…

I Will Start an Only Fans…

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28 Responses

  1. ronillust says:

    Mark sounds like a villain making demands you can’t refuse.

    • Chrundle The Great says:

      @Mon’do’shi’wan Yeah sure it gets people talking, but this isn’t a new thing and it’s severely destructive way to think about philanthropy. He’s a millionaire and if this goes well, it’s still OTHER peoples money while he benefits from the positive PR. It’s nuts that people keep praising this when he’s doing NOTHING but promotion with a hostage situation…like wtf are we doing?

    • Mon'do'shi'wan says:

      @Chrundle The Great your first point… great news! And yeah you’re right… onlyf_ns isn’t a charity… supposedly they would make MORE than just meager administrative fees that actual charities usually get for the people who run them (not-for-profit).

      But damned if it ain’t the hottest-button idea in youtube gaming

    • Chrundle The Great says:

      I refuse to indulge this accountability dodging pseudo philanthropy. First of all, if we knock old Joey Rogo off the top and he starts the account, it’s not HIS money being donated. Second of all…he can do it anyway, but chooses to hold the internet hostage until his demands are met…then and only then do you get the privilege of donating your money to Only fans & a little bit to the charity of his choice. God dammit people, go outside and do some good on your own. We don’t need this manipulation

    • Mon'do'shi'wan says:

      Makes me wanna phone World Organization. lol

  2. Funny Bunny says:

    Mark really knows how to appeal to his community

  3. Andro says:

    I’m actually concerned for how mark has come to this conclusion-

  4. A. H. says:

    Mark: I will make an only fans, on one condition

    The Internet: **Cracks Fingers** Challenge accepted

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  5. 10k subz with no videos please? says:

    i don’t know if i should feel excited or terrified

  6. Space Beats says:

    Mark knows exactly who his audience is and is taking good advantage of it

  7. Zaviuan Phelps says:

    I like how Marks only fans is just him telling us to listen to distractible and boost up the charity and not something else that you might think

  8. The Foxer says:

    following this man for 6 years and i’m still not bored by the content

  9. Sharky The Silly Puppet says:

    The amount of chaos you cause Mark, I cannot 🤣

  10. stratiswashburn says:

    us: “please make another try not to laugh!”


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