I Wonder As I Wander – Lindsey Stirling

I Wonder As I Wander – Lindsey Stirling

Pick up a copy of the Deluxe Edition of Lindsey’s Christmas Album “Warmer in the Winter” at the following places:
Target: https://found.ee/LS_WITWDeluxeTarget
Amazon: https://found.ee/LS_WITWDeluxeAMZ
iTunes: https://found.ee/LS_WITWDeluxeiTunes
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Head here for tour dates, tickets, and VIP upgrades: http://www.lindseystirling.com/

Sheet Music Here: https://lindseystirlingsheetmusic.com

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63 Responses

  1. Prince NightScope says:

    All aboard the hype train!

  2. freakhisteria says:

    right on my birthday, it even looks like a gift, thank you very much. I love you.

  3. Hernán Alegre says:

    I haven’t even watched it yet but I clicked “like” as I know it will be amazing.

  4. Jakub Żak says:

    Lindsey Stirling. And World becomes better place.

    • Theant19 says:

      A zaraz po tym odpalasz filmik o tym co dzieje się za naszymi wschodnimi granicami i świat powraca do swojej pierwotnej, wypaczonej postaci.
      Then after you finish with the song, you watch some random movie about what’s happening in western europe, and world returns to it’s dark and twisted form.

    • Jakub Żak says:


  5. Linda E says:

    Her voice is sooo beautiful ?

  6. Five butts and two mutts says:

    She deserves at least a hundred million subscribers. Nice job Lin! 😀

  7. angel Ramos says:

    When a song leaves you speechless ❤️???

  8. moOz says:

    Now this is real TALENT!

  9. kenekfour says:

    Oh my gosh I love this video and music excellent job Lindsey!!!

  10. Bronis & Drones says:

    Quem é fã e do Brasil deixa o like e comenta ae embaixo!!!
    Lindsey no Brasil!

  11. The Married Southern Peaches says:

    Lindsey Stirling will go down in history as one of the most artistically and musically gifted people ever ??

  12. F. S. says:

    I cant discribe this, its to emotional. Its magical! ???

  13. Ridhima Joshi says:

    Is that her real voice? It’s so BEAUTIFUL

  14. Pedro Magallon says:

    Awesome Lindsey Stirling soy tu fan

  15. Annabeth Jean Sofie Everdeen Herondale Finch says:

    I WANDER AS I WANDER- Lindsey Stirling

    I wonder as I wander out under the sky
    How Jesus my savior did come forth to die
    For poor ord’nry people like you and like I
    I wonder as I wander out under the sky

    I wonder as I wander out under the sky
    How Jesus my savior did come forth to die
    For poor ord’nry people like you and like I
    I wonder as I wander out under the sky

  16. Ryan A says:

    If anyone gets the chance to see Lindsey live, do it!!! Easily the best concert and night of my life ever! Such an inspirational show and truly uplifting experience

  17. RubyBinxx says:

    Elements part 2

  18. Sand Loong says:

    I hope hundred years later the name “Lindsey Stirling” will appear on my Grand Grandson History textbook with the Title “Greatest Musician List Century Ago”

  19. 魔人ベジータ says:

    I live in Japan.
    But I listen to your violin.
    I think that your violin is the best of
    all music.

  20. Magda Albrecht says:

    In comparison to the other well known musicians, Lindsey is the only one who deserves to be called and remembered as a legend. Seriously, who else really stands out?

    • Adi Burgos says:

      Magda Albrecht Pinkfong with Baby Shark

    • Adi Burgos says:

      But otherwise I totally agree

    • TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC! says:


    • Doth The Sloth says:

      that’s kind of not really fair, sure Lindsey is good but a lot of popular musicians have literally no talent, and get lots of attention…. thing is that there are a lot of musicians who are equally as good as Lindsey (take it from me I study at a music conseratorium) get little to no attention because people who are not very talented are popular…. it’s actually incredibly difficult to earn a living anymore from music….. like I am not trying to be salty I am very glad that Lindsey has managed to do it!! And to be honest she’s kind of a pioneer, it’s just a little sad that she’s the only good musician getting recognition…. like hahhaa I am doing a three-four year degree in classical composition and honestly it probably won’t take me anywhere which is a little depressing….

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