I Won’t Wear A Jacket

I Won’t Wear A Jacket

If you don’t wear a jacket in the winter, it means you’re cool.
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I won’t wear a jacket in the winter because I’m cool.

I got the beat here, yo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4EdteOj0Lw

I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

Thanks for watching and sharing! Don’t stab people. I’ll see you later.

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71 Responses

  1. Gus Johnson says:

    Follow me on my twitter: “As featured in this video description, 2017!”

    • David Sprott says:

      Gus Johnson im not liking this video because i dont always where a coat when its cool outside because i dont need it or because i dont want to which normally i do but i like the chill sometimes and when it does get to cold or im not very active i put on a jacket so there you insensitive asshole

      Naw jk im likin it and i dont get offended cuz im tough

      *lies down in bed buries face in pillows and chocolate and cries himself to sleep*

    • Scattered Dreams XIV says:

      I’ll be your friend gus

    • Grumbles says:

      Strung out on dope lookin’ ass nigga

    • Prince Fabulous says:

      No. But this video was funny enough, I suppose.

    • SuperAwesomeMovies says:

      Everyone’s like, “Where’s your jacket bro?” Then they roll their eyes when I reply, “I’m from Chicago!”

  2. Abraham Mast says:

    This 26 second video pretty much sums up my life

  3. Joe Bothwell says:

    I can be your friend, Gus.

  4. Fire In The Booth says:

    This is the content I subscribed for. Best 27 seconds of my life.

  5. An Interstellar Odyssey says:

    Took me 30 seconds to watch but it took you much more effort to make. Love this channel

  6. Dorito joe says:

    Man’s always hot?

  7. Coleminer says:

    Man’s not cold. Man can never be cold.

  8. zmose says:

    Lmao is that Bucknell?

  9. grownsimbaa says:


  10. CoolMoon says:

    Gus take off your jacket

  11. Justin Y. says:

    This was a shyamalan level twist

  12. Justin Y. says:

    I guess you never take off your jacket because man’s not hot

  13. lakamokolaka says:

    Or they are mole people come to bring the downfall of humanity by convincing them it isn’t cold so they freeze to death and begin the uprising

  14. Barry Benson says:


  15. Alex, Just Alex says:

    Put on a jacket, i said babes, mans not cold

  16. thebahooplamaster says:

    I can relate with this so well….

    • EGGS FACTOR says:

      thebahooplamaster put on a coat it’s cold you’re only calling attention to yourself by not wearing a coat and as someone with social anxiety that’s the LAST GODDAMN THING I WANT DON’T LOOK AT ME

  17. Grace Motley says:

    I smell passive aggression

  18. Rebecca Francisco says:

    I said “Man’s not Cold.”

    Man’s not cold.

    *Never Cold*

  19. VIDLWebby says:

    Dang, is Gus losing weight

  20. grandayy says:

    Man’s not cold

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