Iam Tongi & James Blunt: Super Emotional Duet of “Monsters” Makes Idol History – American Idol 2023

Iam Tongi & James Blunt: Super Emotional Duet of “Monsters” Makes Idol History – American Idol 2023

IDOL HISTORY: Season 21 WINNER Iam Tongi & James Blunt perform super emotional duet of “Monsters”. 😭 #IdolFinaleSee

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29 Responses

  1. V 3178 says:

    You can see how much their dads’ meant to them during this performance. They truly sang from their hearts.

  2. Ilaisaane Oakley says:

    The raw emotion from Mr James Blunt is what really sent Iam over. Two different styles of singing but both heart felt & gut wrenching. Thank you Mr Blunt for helping Iam get through this song. Lets Go Iam!!! Cheeehooo Tonga STAND UP!! ❤🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴

  3. Thais Vieira says:

    Se essa apresentação não trouxe lágrimas aos seus olhos, você assistiu ela completamente errada. Que emocionante! 😢

  4. Christian Satine says:

    Thank you James Blunt for performing “Monsters” with Iam Tongi. This performance will always be remembered for its authenticity, humanity and beauty. When James changed the lyrics as he touched Iam’s arm-my goodness. You both make the world a better place.

    • Alice Elrod says:

      Wow, yes. He did change the lyrics! How perfect was that? What a beautiful song and an unforgettable performance. I love both of these incredible artists.

    • just me says:

      I’m not sure how he changed the lyrics, as the song is “feel my hand on your arm” which is the line he sang in this performance. In the music video of the song when this line is sung his dad touches James’ arm.

    • T says:

      @just me the original lyrics are “you can feel my hand on your own”

    • Vendetta Chesmore says:

      Sad I’m sorry for his loss this was the best performance Last night

    • Christian Satine says:

      @T, yes, when I looked up the lyrics that is what is says.

  5. Joan Duricka says:

    This was live TV nothing edited. People needs to feel something. I needed to see and feel this. Nothing fake here. Two grown men singing from their hearts and touching all of our souls. Excellent performance 👏

  6. Tonga Divine says:

    He only had couple months to grieve for his father before his first audition and to stand there in the finals singing side by side James Blunt is a dream. A dream once dreamt by Iam and his father! So proud of you Iam! TONGA stands with you ❤️🇹🇴

    • LaVerne Corpuz says:

      I feel happy his Mama signed him up. He could gone on living without a purpose with the loss of his best friend his Dad but she kept him busy knowing how much difference he could make in his life to heal those through his music as they in turn helped him release all what he kept bottled up inside. Love you Iam. Great job!

    • Pat McCoy says:

      I’m thinking Iam’s Dad was smiling in Heaven.

  7. Mylene Pampaguen says:

    James Blunt found someone who experienced the lyrics itself. Iam Tongi expressed the song word by word, line by line and verse by verse. Thanks to both amazing artists (James and Iam) .

  8. Joel Barder says:

    This is probably the most emotional performance I’ve ever seen. So real. No pretence. Two men with full hearts. I am unashamed to be crying my eyes out. 😢😢😢

  9. Khadra Alattawi says:

    This is why music exists. Two different people shared the same pain and were able to connect through it. Music is such a blessing 🙌

    • Angie A. says:

      Came here to say this!! To see this much emotion not only from Iam but from the guy who wrote the song and has performed it hundreds of times before? Makes me happy to be alive. We need more of this.

  10. OneHonestCritic says:

    The reason this song hits hard is because grown men don’t relay their emotions of saying goodbye very loudly. Let alone, saying goodbye while your father is on his death bed, which this song is about. If there was one song that makes grown men cry, this is it!

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