Iam Tongi Makes The Judges Cry With His Emotional Story And Song – American Idol 2023

Iam Tongi Makes The Judges Cry With His Emotional Story And Song – American Idol 2023

This one’s a tearjerker! Iam lost his dad, Rodney, just a few months ago and says he can still hear him harmonizing with him on every song he sings. Rodney taught Iam music from a very young age and always wanted his son to try out for American Idol. Iam is so emotional in the room that he has trouble starting his song, dedicated to his dad.

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American Idol 2023

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26 Responses

  1. Jacob Stinson says:

    26 year old dude here. Lost my dad to terminal cancer when I was 19. Everything about Iam’s demeanor and performance reminds me of myself shorty after my dad left and I couldn’t stop crying after watching this. Wish I could give him a hug and just talk to him about it all. Love and Gratitude will always win. shoutout to all the amazing fathers out there.

    • Spartan Rules says:

      Wisg I can give hug too Jacob. Sorry for loss brother.

    • RHONDA HAINES says:

      even though my dad is still alive this song makes me cry like a baby so I can’t even imagine how much it would hurt if I had lost my dad.

    • angiebby1122 says:

      I am 41 and lost my dad to cancer when I was 20, the worst day of my life. He was able to meet his granddaughter before he passed. I talk to him & cry almost every day, I miss him. 🙏❤️🙏❤️ to you

    • Paris Best says:

      Iam, I could really feel your pain. 😰 I was 19 too, when my Dad passed away in my arms from cancer. Your song was so poignant. And I believe your Father is still with you and he was so very proud of you, when you sang this song for him on American Idol. Awe! What a moment!!! 🙏

    • scs.classics says:

      Sorry for your looose

  2. Christopher Cockrell says:

    Absolutely beautiful voice! This young man should be proud knowing his father taught him well. 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😊

    • Senior David M Anderson says:

      Just lost Dad two months ago. He was 94. Love you Dad. To whoever is out there reading this message, if you are having a hard time just remember you are not alone and never give up. The person who is reading this message, i wish you success, health, love and happiness.

      D, Anderson USMC
      2/9/3 68-69

  3. M Osgood says:

    First time I ever heard this song. I had to listen to James blount’s version. I have to say this young man is AMAZING!!! James should be praising this kid for a performance even better than the original. I love his story. He had my heart breaking and my face wet and I am a 47 year old man who has also lost his rock. Play on young man the world is yours

  4. Dagburn's Rapper says:

    Dang I cried my arse off 😂… He deserves a record deal. Straight authentic. What a great job and sound.

  5. J.R. Lobinsky says:

    Clearly one of the most amazing auditions I’ve heard in this competition, love his voice, love the song choice he sang, and his story is heartbreaking but his delivery of that story when he sings is truly amazing, I felt every single thing about it! He’s definitely one to watch on American Idol, my favorite audition of the night by a mile!

  6. GrayBeard_gamer says:

    As a retired English teacher, I would just like to acknowledge the story telling quality. The definition of heartfelt and poignancy.

  7. Trevor Yamamoto says:

    Okay, I’m sitting here crying my eyes out. I do not know you or your family, but I know deep within my heart that your Dad is so proud of you. Keep singing on – we are grateful for your music, story and voice!

  8. MR says:

    Jay dropped and goosebump for the whole song. James Blunt wrote this song as his dad had cancer but he survived. Looking forward for his next performance!

  9. Alana Shuster says:

    What a performance straight from the heart. We ALL felt him. Fantastic

  10. Jacob McCain says:

    This wrecked me! Just shows that song choice means everything! I couldn’t handle him trying to keep it together in beginning, just knowing he wanted to cry! This season already has amazing storytellers and vocalists. I’m so excited!!! If he keeps picking songs like this, he could really win I think!

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