Ian & Anthony Play 2 Truths 1 Lie

Ian & Anthony Play 2 Truths 1 Lie

Do best friends really know EVERYTHING?

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WHO YOU DON’T SEE (usually)
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Editor: Josh Fleury
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DIT/AE: Matt Duran
Dir. Of Photography: Brennan Iketani
GFX: Brittany Hobbs
Post Manager: Luke Baker
Production Coord: Heidi Ha
Production Asst: Marcus Munguia
Production Manager: Jacqi Jones
Sr. Dir. Of Production: Zoe Moacanin
Talent Coord: Selina Garcia
Wardrobe Supervisor: Alicia Balderas

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34 Responses

  1. AnthonyPadilla says:

    i just re-read the angry letter and oooooh boy is it a trip. i have no idea how ian will react if this gets 250k likes lmaoo

  2. TheRealSullyG says:

    It’s crazy that after all this time, Anthony can come back in without missing a beat. It was truly meant to be.

  3. Bubaiel says:

    If they actually do a reading of Anthony’s angry letter I want it done in smosh pit theatre with Shayne acting it out 😂

  4. Tyler Vokes says:

    The fact that Ian somehow managed to traumatize Damien, Courtney, and Shayne again is wildly impressive.

  5. Ian Boggs says:

    This makes me so happy to see 😂

  6. Austin Clements says:

    ian seems so energetic now and seeing courtney fangirling over the duo she watched as a teen is so great to see

  7. AnthonyPadilla says:

    ok ya’ll slow down the likes, i need a quick breather before ian reads this journal

  8. AmaarAli // A-TeamTV says:

    It’s really nice to see Smosh’s 2 dads in the same room again.

  9. ethanxzane says:

    you can see how much anthony & ian genuinely missed each other’s company. wish smosh the absolute best in this new chapter

  10. Samuel Schiley says:

    Seeing Ian and Anthony together is sooo nostalgic and I love it

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