IBC24 News Anchor Broke News of her Husband’s death

IBC24 News Anchor Broke News of her Husband’s death

IBC24 News Anchor Supreet Kaur reads out breaking news of her husband’s death in car accident.

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19 Responses

  1. Navin Kumar says:

    Salute you Mam ???

  2. FuN SteP says:

    This Is bullshit… Isme kya Brave hone wali baat hai.. Waisa kaam hi kya jo apne ki maut se bhi important ho… Yaa toh anchor ko yeh baat ka khayal nahi aaya thaa.. yaa fir agar woh jaanne k baad bhi puri news ko cover kiya.. toh fir dhhikar hai aise logo par… Kaam Family se badh kar nahi hota

  3. kitupanda says:

    Some asholes disliked this video

  4. Delliwood Artists Welfare Trust says:

    Only a woman can do this… Respect for Women…May Bholenath bless her with courage to face the situation… We are Sad about her husband….RIP

  5. Himanshu Sharma says:

    Wow so much insensitivity ..Uploaded by channel for view Shame on you

  6. Tops Gear says:

    iss tarah ki bahaduri sirf ladies hi dikha sakti hai….

  7. Vaibhav Devmurari says:

    Heart touching … and very sad moment for her..!! I salute this daughter of India for her patience and bearing capacity…!!

  8. Nidhi Chandrakar says:

    hats off to her..

  9. John Blackmore says:

    It seems the poor women had to suppress her feelings to keep her job.
    When is doing a job professionally for a few minutes, more important than losing a loved one
    and instantly being shocked and saddened. But perhaps she was hoping it was all a mistake a misunderstanding.
    So keep going, keep going, keep going.

  10. Ilyas Khan says:

    I am from Pakistan.nice job .salute u lady. be positive…….. India media.

  11. riya sayi says:

    Hats off to dat lady.. Feeling bad fr her husband.. Dats y woman z the real image of god.. can face all the troubles of lyf..

  12. Yashwant Choudhari says:

    sala sidha dikh rha hai ko pti ke marne Se use koi fark nhi padta hai

  13. sagar bhardwaj says:

    …We are with you.@Anchor supreet.kaur

  14. abhi anand says:

    Hats Off to you Mam..
    May His Soul Rest In Peace…..

  15. AMAR V says:


  16. Roxxane tab says:


    Shame on you IBC24…. You have posted this in YouTube and advertising here.
    She has lost her Husband and you find a NEWS or a Story in that ??
    Is this what you call a Journalism??
    Shameful to see this in your official channel.

  17. pokemon56761 says:

    I feel sorry for her. although it was her job who would want anyone to report a loss of a loved one even if it was a breaking news story. r.i.p her husband, and pray for supreet kaur

  18. Claudio Zúñiga Gamarra says:

    Where are the subtitles when you need them?

  19. La mano caliente says:

    algún latino?

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