Ice Spice – in ha mood (Official Video)

Ice Spice – in ha mood (Official Video)

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Written By: Ice Spice
Produced By: RIOTUSA

Music video by Ice Spice performing In Ha Mood. 10K Projects/Capitol Records; © 2023 Dolo Entertainment, Inc., under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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30 Responses

  1. Azealia’s Banx says:

    I’m very proud of her she’s staying consistent and true to herself , minding her buisness and making music and a very humble young woman. Also to mention she’s very smart and educated on hip hop!

    • Hadiyuki Hemay says:

      @Azealia’s Banx Yeah the male rappers say and do much worse and they don’t see a thing wrong with it and most of them are very ugly while they do it. They don’t want women having a community whether that be music, education, money, jobs, art etc period.

    • Azealia’s Banx says:

      @Nesmelodiez I never wanted her to

    • Nesmelodiez says:

      @Azealia’s Banx its funny how she still hasn’t notice u yet lmao. I wonder why?

    • Azealia’s Banx says:

      @Hadiyuki Hemay but it’s mostly men which is odd you never see any women hating on female rappers it’s all dudes lmao

    • Hadiyuki Hemay says:

      Damn the comment section is getting crazy lol, just because you said you enjoy her music and mentioned characteristics about her personality. And it always happens especially with female rappers I noticed, the comment section gets real nasty and disrespectful, the hate is real lol.

  2. Jocelyn Cherry says:

    i really appreciate how she just didn’t drop one song and that’s it. she keeps dropping and hopefully her music continues to evolve ☺️

  3. Precious Monday says:

    She’s always on point on every aspect… beauty,flow,bars, production and everythinggg

  4. C Autrey says:

    Her flow could benefit from more variety but also her voice so soothing; its a dichotomy

  5. ◇AJ Specter◇ says:

    I love the improvement she has been doing. After all the pain she been thrown at and yet she still had the heart to keep going 🎥🔥💯

  6. McHarris Afranie says:

    Now y’all know she’s not a one hit wonder…She’s a Real Star ⭐️…Ice Spice❤

  7. Zdan Beats says:

    *one thing about it…this girl knows her lane and stays in it! The drill sound is fire..her voice flows so well with it. She doin her thing!!*

  8. Precious Monday says:

    The way her music keep getting better 🔥🔥 her voice is so soothing and amazing ❤️❤️

  9. Jess Klaroliner says:

    I genuinely love her songs and normally I don’t listen to rap but her voice is charming. I hope she collaborates with some more female rappers

  10. E4N says:

    SHE GOING HARD 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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