ICONIC PERFORMANCE | Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis Fight Highlights

ICONIC PERFORMANCE | Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis Fight Highlights

December 9, 2023 — Fight highlights of Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis from San Francisco, California. @AutoZone

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49 Responses

  1. @luismarcialvergaradiaz5363 says:

    Haney completely outclassed and schooled Regis. Card was worth it

    • @user-kh3hm1dd7h says:

      A Comprehensive skool’n too Haney’s fist was using Regis ‘face as his blackboard 🥊

    • @rmac5584 says:

      It was alright. Not bad for the 34 year old hanging in there

    • @vvvaygbg says:

      ⁠@@rmac5584that boy did terrible, Loma is older with a shorter reach and did more than just hang in there , Regis is sorry asf and need to retire with that flat footed bs got worked by Haney in everyway

    • @elisharandall46 says:

      ⁠@@rmac5584I’m very confused about what age had to do with this fight. I’m guessing this is to discredit Haney’s performance.

      I’m sure your favorite fighter is around 34. And your favorite fighter beat plenty 34 years old when he was younger.😂

  2. @aedwards7045 says:

    Devin fought his best fight that I’ve ever seen. He’s so accurate and quick with his shots. He punished Regis easily

    • @2314KenKen says:

      This fight was about 3 notches below Gatti vs Mayweather. Would’ve been nice to see Haney let his hands fly a lil more.

    • @Gasbabyant says:

      @@2314KenKenyeah but he could have got caught

    • @YourMomsSecretLoverr says:

      @@2314KenKenyou right but let’s not forget Regis a power hitter he could’ve caught Haney if he didn’t pace himself , Haney even says after the fight that he didn’t wanna get to greedy so he doesn’t get hit with something he’s not supposed to.

    • @Daonlysavage1111 says:

      ​@@2314KenKen He still learning but he there now🥊💪🏾

    • @believeme.l5408 says:

      against a 35 year old 💀💀 dis guy is literally looking for pay day and he got it thx deven

  3. @kevinthomas3110 says:

    It really was iconic you could feel it watching it. Devin earned my respect

  4. @k1ngcast731 says:

    Really impressed with what Haney has done so far. He looks unbeatable at 140. I really want to see him in there with teo and tank Davis to see who’s the best

  5. @MrShahrozzz says:

    Now everyone can see why he needed extra 5lbs! Dude looked like a zombie before, drained af!
    Looks so much healthier & energetic now!

    • @draco2xx says:

      losing that 5lbs really took away some of his power

    • @Zacche says:

      That’s the decision they made .. no one force them to be on that weight class

    • @user-gr4st1fr8h says:

      It’s also he trained to be a power puncher drained, so all that extra resilience he has is showing without being weight drained

    • @arnoldgarzajr1164 says:

      I could picture Haney going to 160 lb middleweight contender for real.He is a big jr welterweight.Haney will be the face of boxing soon.

    • @7dayspking says:

      @@user-gr4st1fr8h eh. I didn’t see any resilience or power in this fight, he didn’t need either, didn’t get hit, mostly stuck to staying outside and landing jabs. I see this fight as similar to Mayweather vs Canelo or Corrales, Mayweather landed way more strong punches on both those guys though, despite himself being smaller than Devin, and both those guys being bigger than Regis Prograis and arguably much better too.

  6. @migueltorralvo1669 says:

    Gracias por permitir ver esta pelea. Haney se vio muy fuerte.

  7. @theavengers. says:

    What a performance 💪🏻🔥

    • @mathewmcfool says:

      that’s what she said 💪

    • @justinf5457 says:

      Incredible performance. I worry that the casuals will write Haney off as “boring” because he isn’t a showman. He doesn’t do anything flashy or get that spectacular KO, but he has complete control when he’s in there, it’s really something. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in trouble.

    • @soyelflacoag16 says:

      Lol performance for running 🏃🏿‍♂️ 👏 🤣 😂 😅

    • @dantejerome8589 says:

      @@soyelflacoag16y’all still coping 😭

    • @mathewmcfool says:

      @@soyelflacoag16 Shakur Stevenson was running and running [forest gump voice] and running. Haney beat Regis like he stole something, stop lying on that man, hater

  8. @lawrencelitterini4973 says:

    Haney has a rare gift controlling the ring…
    Also notice how he knows what’s coming!! That’s a student of boxing who watches and study’s his opponents previous matches .
    Congratulations on his entire team.

    • @ViolentDom says:

      Yea I noticed on the knockdown, he pulled his follow up punches back because he already seen Regis dropping, that’s fast eyes and reaction

    • @7dayspking says:

      I saw it as more that Regis couldn’t find a target to throw anything, he could only throw those same two punches. Devin didn’t see or defend Prograis’s other punches when they did sometimes get closer, but for most of the fight, he only had to look out for one punch, the left hand.

    • @lawrencelitterini4973 says:

      That basically because Haney did not allow himself to be where he was expected to be..
      Taking away any offense coming back.
      Haney studied him well

    • @50macks94 says:

      He will not be able to handle tank

    • @lawrencelitterini4973 says:

      Styles make fights..
      We will not know that until the match is made and training starts…
      Personally I’m pretty sure he can.
      Yes tank is well schooled and very crafty.
      So we will see

  9. @pudgestayssuckafree4145 says:

    That was some grand arrival to the 140 division statement by Devin Haney 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. @vjtucker5146 says:

    Haney is constantly hated on, criticized for being a e-mail champion, chinny, no power, and he proves haters wrong. We need more fighters like Haney. Willing to test themselves and take a challenge.

    • @7dayspking says:

      I don’t see where Devin proved any of those things wrong. He evaded getting hit for 12 rounds and didn’t throw or land many big punches on Prograis. In the two rounds he tried to stand and fight against Linares though, he got wobbled and didn’t hurt Linares, earning him his reputation. Got wobbled by Lomachenko while trying to run for 12 rounds, earning him his reputation. Devin wasn’t able to come forward like Teofimo or Linares were against Lomachenko. Difference between fighters with strong chins and power and boxers like Devin Haney.

    • @byranwitherspoon5369 says:

      @@7dayspkingsmh u blind

    • @princesavage5635 says:

      ​@@7dayspkingjust say you hate him bro Haney was in front of Linares all night even he said outside the 10 he literally was whooping him for 10 rds straight

    • @cleaver3168 says:

      Facts only Teo and Haney challenging themselves at 135-140

    • @karriemsharief says:

      Those were all facts you stated.

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