I’d Like to Ask

I’d Like to Ask

Wouldn’t you like to know why four Americans were murdered in Benghazi? #idliketoask #stophillary

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11 Responses

  1. Ian Wood says:

    100% Disgusting, Shame on this sham PAC

  2. Rodney Moore says:

    I am glad that they ran this. The people that think it’s disgusting don’t
    seem to care about the people that died and they don’t want this talked
    about. Disgusting indeed!

  3. Cocky Ninetee says:

    This is SUCH PROPAGANDA it’s absurd.

  4. BJK says:

    The Senate should have subpoenaed Hillary the day after Benghazi then given
    her an ultimatum – resign from office effective immediately or get tossed
    into prison. Hillary is a PLAGUE.

  5. Tex Dealer says:

    This is so pathetic. The more this ad is ran, the better off Hillary’s
    campaign will be.

  6. Dick Scratcher says:

    At least they fixed ONE of the typos in this version.

  7. b9court says:

    Islam’s 2nd Major Sin versus Muslims in US Military & State Department:
    Why has the Obama administration (like the Bush administration before it)
    failed in so many of its responses to Islamic jihad? Why such tepidness
    whenever a strong military counter-thrust is called for (as in the infamous
    non-responsiveness to the Benghazi attack, or disarming American soldiers
    in Afghanistan, or officially emasculating the rules of engagement with
    jihadist Muslims, or demanding that US soldiers undergo sensitivity
    training with respect to encountering Muslims, or the administration’s
    “temperate and indecisive” ISIS strategy,

    The answer lies in the fact that Muslims hold outstandingly dominant,
    intimate positions of decision-making in every chamber of America’s defense
    and national security institutions. And the most elementary research on the
    “Major Sins” of Islam leads us to an undeniable conclusion, based on the
    fact that Muslim-on-Muslim killing is second-worst of all the major sins in
    Islam, an utterly unforgivable sin, a sure ticket to eternal

    Let’s not forget that Mohammed divided the world is divided into 2 camps
    only: the dar-al-Islam (the world, or “house” of Islam) and the dar-al-Harb
    (the world or “house” of War, inhabited by the kafir, the non-Muslims).
    Muslims who have been radicalized into believing in this duality consider
    themselves to be soldiers first, above all other identities, engaged in a
    cosmic struggle against the inhabitants of the House of War, who are always
    on the attack. In any war, it is forbidden for a soldier to harm a fellow
    soldier in any way. With the house of War forever on the attack, the
    Mohammed mindset believes that Islam is always the victim and is therefore
    always on the defensive. Jihad is thus Islam’s “just war” against the world
    of the kafir, or unbeliever. It follows that deliberately killing a fellow
    Muslim is killing a soldier of Allah, no different than if a soldier were
    to turn his weapon on a fellow soldier sharing the same foxhole, the worst
    form of treason, worse than desertion from the army of Islam, aiding and
    abetting a determined enemy wthat is perpetually at war against the house
    In June, 2007, US Army psychiatrist, Muslim Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan, gave a
    lecture emphasizing this conflict of loyalties in the Muslim mind, and
    warning that Muslims within the ranks of the US military could at any time
    go rogue, react violently against orders directing them to go overseas and
    participate in the killing of fellow Muslims. In conclusion, he offered the
    suggestion that the Department of Defense “should allow Muslim soldiers the
    option of being released as ‘Conscientious objectors’ to increase troop
    morale and decrease adverse

    Two and a half years later, on Nov. 5, 2009, Maj. Hasan himself, shouting
    the Islamic battle-cry, “Allahu-Akbar” repeatedly, massacred 13 members of
    America’s armed forces at Fort Hood, wounding 32 others. Hasan later
    declared everlasting allegiance to ISIS. As a result of this jihadist
    atrocity, the State Department was forced to bow to Maj. Hassan’s warnings
    concerning Islam’s ruling against Muslim-on-Muslim killing; even to the
    point of changing the American oath of citizenship this year, 2015, to
    accommodate future Muslims who would object to serving in the US military
    on religious grounds, forever exempting any Muslim from US military service
    should he or she so desire.
    This is one example of how a kafir-majority country can capitulate to
    Islamic terror and institute an Islamic law above its own
    How does this relate to Hillary Clinton and Benghazi?
    Valerie Jarrett, a devout Muslim, is Obama’s closest advisor. Huma Abedin,
    a devout Muslim, is Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor. Muslims in the US
    government who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and who hold
    high-level positions in determining policy, especially military policy, are
    serving Islam first and America second. And their unflinching awareness of
    the unforgivable sin of killing a fellow Muslim dominates every military
    decision, every national security decision that they are asked to make. It
    is these compromised Muslims, so fixed in purpose to avoid putting another
    Muslim in harm’s way, who are influencing America’s domestic and foreign
    policy regarding treatment of their fellow Muslims at home and abroad. It
    is these compromised Muslims who have so intricately put the brakes on the
    war on terror.

  8. mrCurmudgeon says:

    Wow. Now the GOP is putting words into the mouths of dead people? Shameless

  9. Darrell Johnson says:

    should have been arrested the next day did not send help as she sat
    surrounded by Secret Service & capital police

  10. Rick Webb says:

    Why were four Americans murdered in Benghazi? Because low-information
    Republicans (like those who libel and defame Hillary Clinton) cut the
    embassy’s security funding. That’s why. I’m having a great time watching
    the GOP go extinct.

  11. spunkitydoda says:

    Liberal trolls need a panty unbunching devise.