Idaho murders: Quadruple homicide investigation update for Monday, Dec. 12 | FOX 13 Seattle

Idaho murders: Quadruple homicide investigation update for Monday, Dec. 12 | FOX 13 Seattle

Moscow Police Department Captain Roger Lanier delivers an update on the killings of four University of Idaho students.

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34 Responses

  1. Kenneth Jensen says:

    Keep up the good work. Prayers are with the families,

  2. DobieMom says:

    Come on you guys got this!!! prayers for all the families and LE my heart breaks for all.

  3. Arizona Debbie Travels the US says:

    Prayers to the families and friends of the victims. Thank you for all involved in trying to solve this case.

    • M Tio says:

      Were the girls lesbians? They were in bed together. Sounds like y’all need to look at the other les……girls……in that house that night. Pretty freaking odd how they “heard nothing”, “saw nothing”, “know nothing”, and waited HOURS after discovering the bodies to contact law enforcement. Instead they call “friends” to come clean up the scene?? Hmmmm

  4. SomebodysMom×3 says:

    This is such a difficult situation for everyone involved. My continued prayers for the families and law enforcement. Both sides are dealing with unbelievably difficult situation in this senseless, horrific, tragedy.

    • Ahmed Jaser says:

      @tarstarkusz I understand your frustration, but believe me public don’t see the full picture yet as the law enforcements do, we must be patient and positive.

    • tarstarkusz says:

      @Yes I’m not pretending to be a cop. If the cops had done a good job communicating, I wouldn’t even be criticizing their lack of progress. They have bungled the communications since the day it happened.

    • Yes says:

      @4 4 0 – fisherman (d rock) Yes, 440-fishermandrock8 knows more than cops about how to catch criminals. They should hire you

    • 4 4 0 - fisherman (d rock) says:

      @Yes  how do you know other police departments wouldn’t do better!?!?!??!
      This being a small town police force they might not be equipped enough to handle this kind of crime scene……..
      Looks like you’re the 🤡

  5. Jo George says:

    We’re praying you solve this ASAP. My heart and prayers goes out to the families.

    • M Tio says:

      Why is this case different from the thousands of murders waiting to be solved?

    • Confessions of a Kookie Addict says:

      @Mike Mondano you mean like being an asshat to well intentioned people. 😠

    • Mike Mondano says:

      Try something useful, instead.

    • Douglas Davis says:

      Up date your self with technology theirs been killers who park out side the house in a car and hack into the phones and computers through Wi-Fi to get the codes to the doors 🚪 and also in the united states their has been an increase in trafficking of young females if he’s doing that means they put up a fight and he could not have them but they scean his face so he killed them if that’s the case. up date your self how killers think in this day and age

  6. Nadz says:

    Sending love to the families of those 4 angels. My heart cries with yours. This must be incredibly hard to have suffered so much grief and loss and then have no major breakthrough on this case. We are all praying that LE will bring about Justice. That there are committed and honest officers working to solve this gruesome murders.

    • Mandy Côté says:

      It is appointed once to die
      the judgment

      Either we are alive unto Christ- having been born again and saved
      We are dead to Christ because we have willingly rejected Him as our Saviour

      Satan is the god of this world
      the spirit of it

      And either we serve him
      We serve God

      No one is a victim

      All things are common to man
      There is nothing new under the sun

      We can never rest assured that regardless of His this 4 young adults died they are NOT sleeping in Christ – in – waiting for the first resurrection
      It’s not sin that separates us from God
      It’s rejecting His Son Jesus Christ as our Saviour
      Satan wants souls
      And he has them!
      God has a standard
      It’s holiness
      Which without no one will see Him
      He has done all so we can be made right
      A process
      And the start is being born again – spiritually which man with his denominational systems- cultural religions and cults are perpetrated by Satan
      Only ‘8’ people were saved on the ark Noah – a called out man by God- to God- for God – built
      The materials and tools being a spiritual blueprint for all of Gods gifts and spiritual gifting to build the Church – the Bride of Christ- the ekklessia of God
      The physical temple was done away with and a new and better covenant came
      God – personified in Jesus Christ by Holy Spirit – immaculate- conception to be in the flesh of man- to identify with man – to be an example to man for salvation!
      Jesus Christ is the set example of the ministry gifts to the Church and the gifts of the spirit as He only said and did as His Father – God said or told Him to do!
      There is but One God
      One Faith
      and One Church

      the Creator of All who owns all and man owns nothing nor anyone!- ‘in the beginning’ -Genesis
      Holy Spirit brings the Unity of the Faith- Ephesians 4
      the Church is New Testament!
      Found and established by Jesus Christ – having been sent from His Father- God – who was God – Holy Spirit is the seed of God and therefore ‘the Only Begotten Son’
      Man was formed from the dirt of the earth
      Became a living soul when God breathed into
      his nostrils
      Mankind could no longer be in close relation with God because he did not listen to God
      Though it was Adam that was made as the head of the garden of Eden and was to be the mind of Eve- synonymous with Jesus Christ being the head of the Church – corporate and the mind of the Bride- born again believer
      It is absolutely infuriating the gross deception that mankind thinks to believe is the truth because it is readily accepted as truth because truth to man comes by the opinions of man and if you have enough people thinking to believe it is truth then it is
      God is the truth
      And without Him man knows nothing and can doing nothing
      Self governing- is mans enemy
      And it was exactly what he wanted
      Therefore- God have him over to it
      God holds no one prisoners who gave man free choice when He told to warn them what would happen if they did not obey
      And to this day and until time is no more- God remains the same !
      God is agapé love
      God is pure Justice

      His love isn’t based on us
      It’s who He IS
      We deserve the death penalty
      But for who He is
      He extended grace and mercy!
      Hell was not created for man
      It was created for Lucifer who became Satan
      and the angels who were seduced by him and who became demons
      Both changing their natural state – position with God – Lucifer wanting to over throw God and be worshipped by man
      Lucifer was not only the most beautiful angel by sight – he was also the music director for God
      This all correlates with the fall of man as well – it is parallel – completely!!!
      In a time where mankind is in the last book of his existence- Revelation and all things were written for his information and instruction he continues in complete rebellion STILL
      this is how influential the lying Spirit is!
      It permeates mankind generation after generation
      Man is now under judgment
      Nationally and individually
      I have come to realize – by the grace of God that mans governing is a reflection of those he governs over
      That the epidemic is not covid- that’s what they have convinced people to believe
      The issue has now become narcissistic- which like pride that comes in different hues – comes in different degrees
      Only a psychotic narcissistic abuser would govern over another man by introducing a vaccine that has NO science and a sickness referred to as covid was made for the inoculation – to control the people and economy- globally
      Be assured that every person whether president or prime minister is an anti christ- a beast representing self government who are the lying spirits of Satan- being used – but allowed – to bring in the Anti Christ – the Beast – coming up and out of government to reign and rule along with the Fal$e prophet – representing man made religiousity- – cultural religions and the cults who are of Satan- who are personified by him – lying spirit opposed to the Holy Spirit of God
      I could go on and on and on
      Which like Eternity has no ending for God and His knowledge and wisdom is never ending having had no beginning and who is life and can never die!
      We were created in this image
      And though we will always exist
      It will either be with Him or with Satan and his demons
      I can only beseech you with the mercy of God to not remain in your unbelief- stubbornness and rebellion
      For if you continue to resist – God will have to give you over with no hope of reconciliation
      What good God had for man- was set aside by man – EVERYthing is due to this- but God has made away and never set man aside – the reason why He came- who so ever will He will not deny!!!
      But He does not beg
      This is an exceptional kind of love
      The Greatest Love Story that could ever be known by man
      We must chose!

    • Sean Brown says:

      @Sissy how does being ignorant of your own religion and theology bring comfort to the grief stricken? It is impossible for human beings to be angels.

    • Sean Brown says:

      @Janet Look at this hideous world: either god is on vacation, or no longer cares.

    • Sissy says:


  7. Laura says:

    Prayers for the victims family members. Praying there will be justice soon!!! Please lead them to the murderer(s) Nobody should have to go through this senseless killings. Please lead the police to the right people. Lay hands on the family members and send a comforter. Let the Angels come and lead the way.

  8. Brad Baxter says:

    Gods speed and guidance.. thank you for all your hard work in this ongoing investigation.

  9. PJ Dobbin says:

    I am happy to hear these news. This is. finally a more transparent manner clarify the situation.
    I am also happy to hear about the multiple investigative teams working in different areas like Salt Lake City etc…
    May we hope that this tragic case will be solved as quick as possible.
    Hope that justice will be served to the 4 beautiful souls that lost their souls on that unfortunate early morning.


  10. Gael Carlton says:

    Who ever did this is a sick sick person, or persons. I worry for students at both the college at Moscow and those just across the Idaho/Washington border who attend Washington State @ Pullman. My granddaughters had left Pullman not long before this happened as well as my daughter and her husband and I am so glad they are no longer in that area. This person or persons is a monster and both cities (Moscow and Pullma) are in real danger. Bring your kids who are students at either college home, they can make up studies lost when its safer.

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