Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood – Show Yourself (From “Frozen 2″/ Sing-Along)

Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood – Show Yourself (From “Frozen 2″/ Sing-Along)

Watch the full “Show Yourself” sequence from Disney’s “Frozen 2” featuring the original song performed by Idina Menzel (voice of Elsa) and Evan Rachel Wood (voice of Queen Iduna), written by Academy Award® winners Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez.


“Show Yourself”
Performed by Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood
From Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Music video by Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood performing Show Yourself (From “Frozen 2″/ Sing-Along). © 2019 Walt Disney Records

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48 Responses

  1. Albert Ash says:

    After 4 months
    They finally release Show Yourself, and now…

    Let’s wait, maybe Disney will release other 3 versions of the song 😆

  2. Marck Meneses says:

    Come on Disney show us multilenguaje version of this, before the end of the world :c

  3. TDItaly98 says:

    Me – finally out of quarantine – outside the house of my friend that I haven’t seen in months: *SHOW YOURSELF*

  4. Andrés Castillo says:

    STEP INTO YOUR POWER…! Finally the right lyrics, a lot of covers says: step into the power.

  5. •Paulo Gacha• says:

    Disney: Show Yourself

  6. The Playlist Queen says:

    Let’s all be honest, this is just a piece of pure ART…

  7. SaffreBlue says:

    “Show Yourself” and “The Next Right Thing” are definitely the best songs from Frozen I and II.
    Elsa doesn’t need anyone, but she chooses to keep others close to her.
    Anna needs others close to her, but she chooses to continue fighting even when they’ve left.
    They are two sides of the same coin, magical and ordinary, but they are both so important.
    Like Elsa said, there are two sides to a bridge.

  8. sahar's planet says:

    The way she says “found” is full with emotions ❤

  9. duckylmexican says:

    Show Yourself: made everyone who lost their mother cry.

    The Next Right Thing: made everyone who lost someone they loved cry.

    Disney didn’t shy away from adding grief in this film and in their characters stories. ❤️

  10. Simply-G ASMR says:

    Elsa: Show Yourself!

    Corona: Hello!!

  11. Elsa is cold but HOT says:

    Me when I see the title and channel: I hear you, and I’m coming.

  12. Caileigh G says:

    Disney: *refuses to release Show Yourself*


    Disney: *releases it during coronavirus quarantine*

    Fans: *what did it cost?*

    Disney: *everything*

    (Avengers infinity war reference)

  13. MR DD 24 says:

    Elsa is so grace every moment. While she uttering “I’M FOUND!” tears put out of my eyes.T^T

  14. Naga Mani says:

    *Frozen 2020*
    Elsa: Show yourselffff, RIGHT NOW!!
    Iduna: Elsa, stay where you are..
    Elsa: I will mama, I will..

  15. Ilham M says:

    Disney: PATD Into The Unknown?
    Fans: Uhmm Okay. Now Show Yourself!!
    Disney: Idina Menzel Into The Unknown?
    Fans: Okay. Please now release Show Yourself!!
    Disney: * release Some Things Never Change *
    Fans: Show Yourself!!!!!
    Disney: * release Lost In The Woods *
    Fans: Can you hear me? S H O W Y O U R S E L F !!!
    Disney: * release Into The Unknown lyrics video *
    Fans: Okay I give up
    Disney: *release Show Yourself*

  16. iheartmilktaeandkookie says:

    Elsa’s Dad: Conceal, don’t feel
    Elsa’s Mom: Show yourself

    Finally, Disney uploaded this!

  17. Kaye Swift says:

    My family: Peacefully quarantined.

    Me: Using my dad’s huge speakers to play show yourself and into the unknown so loud.

  18. NorthernWolf says:

    I can’t get the thought out of my head that her dress kinda merges with her skin and makes her look like a mermaid

  19. Cory Saludes says:

    Frozen 1 Elsa: Shuts Ana out for years

    Frozen 2 Elsa: “OPEN YOUR DOOR”

  20. It's Me Mikylla says:

    Me: *Searched Show Yourself Music Video and Sing Along*

    YouTube: *No Results Found*

    The Next Month:

    Me: *Searches Show Yourself Music Video and Sing Along*

    Also Me: *Founds it*

    Show Yourself: *I AM…. FOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUND!!!!!!*

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