Idiot’s Guide to Japanese Squat Toilets

Idiot’s Guide to Japanese Squat Toilets

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How to use Japanese squat toilets because apparently no one knows how to use them since there is ALWAYS PEE ON THE FLOOR. You’re doing it wrong. You’re all doing it wrong. Just because it’s called a squat toilet doesn’t mean you’re doing calisthenics in the bathroom.

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53 Responses

  1. よっしー says:


  2. Hey it's Ashley says:

    I am currently living in Japan and have been here for over a month now and let me tell ya… this video wouldve have saved me… I can conquer those damn squat toliets.

  3. 山本新一 says:


  4. Fake British Girl says:

    Stupid doors! Why don’t they stay shut!

  5. rockblue01 says:

    Please make more idiot’s guides! 😀

  6. Double-Barrelled Simian says:

    Every 4 minutes a Youtuber uploads boring content. This is NOT ONE OF THEM!
    Some of your content has earned a grin or a genuine laugh, but this one had me tearing up from laughing. I think Jun’s condescending “ingrish” has improved. When he delivers the line “Because idiots like you pee incorrectly” and “many people flush with their pee shoes too”. Mad respect for the hovering skills Rachel. Wait Jun said; “Don’t stop hovering!”

  7. Emppos says:

    * fangirls silently *

  8. TD Baker says:

    funny and informative at the same time. how awesome it that. thank you, and the tip to pulling pants below knees makes all the cents in the world (haha, pun intended). now for that accent, smh, but effective. keep up the great work!

  9. Sharmander says:


  10. Happy Creations says:

    After I got used to the idea of squat toilets, in Japan, fate gave me another blow. Squat toilet in the freakin’ SHINKANSEN!!!! I could barely manage peeing while standing still, but in a fast moving train, which was wobbling left and right, up and down, was the hardest thing I had to go through. Loved this video, I relate to it 110% 🙂

  11. AnimeIntensity says:


  12. Glenn Andreassen says:

    Jun’s engrish-o is getting really good..*laugh so hard at that accent* ^_^

  13. Bento23 Leal says:

    “Squat toilets commiting genocide againsts foregneirs in Japan..” CNN

  14. fabulous rice says:

    “real disturbing footage”

    God i love idiots guide

  15. ChibiDev says:

    0:40 there was a toilet there behind her xD

  16. Lexy Rose says:

    raise your hand if you have ever been victimized by the squat toilets in china

  17. Xcaliber Trekker says:

    Please tell her to burn those nasty 80’s jeans in hellfire.

  18. ClockworkAvatar says:

    How do you use them if you’re a fat american, or just not rail thin in general ?

    • Litch The Shinigami says:

      MoonstonePearl21 same i just topple backwards cuz i can’t lean forwards much more.. i am a girl with big boobs and they are in the way !! 😂

    • HelaFortuna says:

      My boobs get in the way so i have to do a wide squat, with my legs shoulder width apart. Maybe thatd work?

    • Kill-a a says:

      stretching your hamstrings, glutes and calves is important when your just starting because if you never put yourself in that position and you don’t do something like yoga regularly your muscles are used to staying short and tight so you have no choice but to fight to keep the position because your muscles are just too tight or you can relax and fall over. At least this is my experience, stretching out after failing to do it at first made me able to do it, and i stretch at least weekly to deal with knee pain and back pain, so if you never stretch it might not seem like it, but your flexibility will improve with practice

    • Ben Barker says:

      Here in the States when an adult can not utilize a toilet properly they are put in adult briefs like Depends. Seriously, there are only a couple of options.
      1. Get in shape and stretch
      2. Make a mess all around the squat toilet. Clean it up.
      3. Adult diapers
      4. Overdose on anti-diarrheal medication and poop after you fly home.
      5. Find a western toilet

    • Zoe Hughes says:


  19. Whacky Scripts says:

    I use the STD technique…Squat, Trip, and Die

  20. Kapuchu says:

    And then there are those of us who are stiff as a tree trunk and just can’t bend like that.

    • Jason Allcreator says:

      Honestly I am surprised. As a working man I can tell you no one wants to squat to shit after a long day of working. NO ONE! Plus squatting toilets make it difficult for disabled people in wheelchairs.

    • Nerfed Bee -TNB says:

      Jason Allcreator disabled toilets don’t have squatting toilets (sry for bad English)

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