If Among Us Had 9 Impostors

If Among Us Had 9 Impostors

Among us in real life but with nine impostors and one crewmate 😱 This part of our If Everything Was Like Among Us videos! Which person do you relate to the most?

Thank you to the Portland Spirit for letting us film on their boat! https://www.portlandspirit.com

If you like Piper Rockelle, The Norris Nuts, Dixie D’Amelio, or the Txunamy, you’ll love our channel. We do funny pranks, challenges, and skits!

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Micah’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heythisismicah/?hl=en
Judah’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judahnelson/?hl=en
Britney’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/britneyleighnelson/
Aislinn’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aislinnelimcc/?hl=en

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32 Responses

  1. Crewmate says:

    Did anyone else think that they were going to do another “if everything was like among us “?

  2. Shiloh & Bros says:

    Thanks for watching the video!!! I hope you like it 😁😁😁

  3. ynadese seraphin says:

    Will:”looking this good is a crime”

    Comments:”couldn’t agree more”u^u

  4. xXshadowbeastXx says:

    game be like:
    everything that can be sabotage
    and your 4 tasks


    When Daniel was eating the cake, then he looked kinda like MrBeast 3 years ago.

  6. Anya Laboy says:

    What ever happened to Jocelyn she was adorable to all of us and not just me

  7. Bakhy says:

    Elijah: this more stressful than the dentist.
    Me with braces: 👁👄👁 that ain’t so true.

  8. Lyla Rajan says:

    Brittany: I’m the evilest thing I could think of
    Judah: A tomato?
    Brittany: No Judah, I’m you
    Judah: I’m not a tomato
    Me: Yes Judah you’re not. But you’re either a carrot or a pea. Carrot because we all know why and a pea because he’s pea-brained.

  9. CircleblanketYT says:

    “I finished my tasks” me: what nobody in this has ever finished a task

  10. Scarlett Love says:

    At the end it looks so weird when Elijah is just celebrating by himself

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