If Cities Were Your Boyfriend

If Cities Were Your Boyfriend

“Yeah…this isn’t going to work out.”

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Los Angeles: Ben Bateman

Miami: Luis Lucas

Portland: Eli Weinberg

Chicago: Gary Curtis

Las Vegas: Nick Wells

Laura Juilly

India Collins

Marcella Di Pasquale
Kimberly Ryans

Here Comes Trouble
Enchanted Forest
Licensed via Audio Network.

SFX provided by Audioblocks. 


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20 Responses

  1. Jillian Giorgio says:

    ugh no Boston, but Portland seriously?

  2. Sabrina Tabassum says:

    los Angeles damnnn

  3. Natalie Lancaster says:

    Was it Portland Maine or Portland Oregon?

  4. Amber L says:

    I was definitely thinking Atlanta would’ve made an appearance. But I
    loooooved this video! So funny!

  5. Chantil Hunt says:

    I love this!

  6. Jewelene Meneses says:

    The Miami one lmfaoo it would have been more accurate if the guy was a gym
    rat though not gonna lie

  7. ghost ghist says:

    What bout compton

  8. Eli Star says:

    You should of done Charlotte- almost no one is actually from here so it
    would just be soooo generic xD

  9. Dharani Shakthivel says:

    I go for Austin

  10. Gabby Marie says:

    I grew up in Miami but now live near Los Angeles. They’re so true ?

  11. Nissisaurus says:

    Pick Austin! Hahaha

  12. PsDan says:

    Miami is so accurate

  13. derpiescopez says:

    where’s Minnesota

  14. Melina??? says:

    Austin ?

  15. Ashdale Joseph-Pierre says:

    I would not hesitate to date Chicago. He had my knees weak from the first
    time he appeared.

  16. Elizabeth Roth says:

    The Portland one was spot on. I miss my hometown.

  17. Elizabeth Camarena says:

    Lol it’s 55 degrees in L.A. and I’m freezing to death in the night I have 5
    blankets on me I’m so use to the warm and sunny weather why winter why

  18. Raphaelle Fergustein says:

    I want Austin

  19. Kenneth Zhu says:

    everyone always forgets houston

  20. Hannah King says:

    I don’t really feel like the Colonial Williamsburg one was very accurate.
    Maybe that’s just because I love that place. It’s got good food and is
    beautiful. Except there are a lot of retired Yankees now.