If Commercials were Real Life – Daytona 500/Apple iPad

If Commercials were Real Life – Daytona 500/Apple iPad

A Zebra Corner commercial parody double feature. The first, a Daytona 500 commercial that takes itself too seriously by making some outlandish claims. The second, a most hated Apple iPad commercial where a young girl asks “what’s a computer?” Mahk teaches her a lesson on being a pretentious smartass.

DAYTONA 500 concept and jokes – Zac Townsend (@SmackTownsend )
Contributing writer: James Bailey(@JamesBaileyhaha )

Twitter: @im_Mahk
IG: @im_Mahk
Snap: @comedian_ali

Huge shoutout to Mr. Remix for the outro song. Click here for the full song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3tcptOH-dI

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This is a parody

Original commercials for reference:
DAYTONA 500 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5hSbD9xabY

Apple iPad – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQB2NjhJHvY

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82 Responses

  1. Graviteh says:

    Hey Mahk, what’s a computer?

  2. David Thomas says:

    No greater race…hahahaha

  3. ylwsub68 says:

    W H A T S A C O M P U T E R

  4. Sam says:

    I hated that Apple commercial so much. Thank you for doing this.

  5. Its Toto says:

    ehhh Martin Luther King?

    • supershaft25 says:

      Didn’t Drumpf lose the popular vote? Or do facts not matter

    • Beerus The Destroyer says:

      supershaft25 Yes! But dipshits like yourself don’t understand we don’t go off the popular vote because New York and comifornia don’t get to decide the outcome for the entire nation. You need electoral votes, not popular ones.

    • Beerus The Destroyer says:

      supershaft25 We don’t live in a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic!

    • supershaft25 says:

      Which is even funnier because Drumpf said the electoral college is “rigged”. I like it when dipshits dig holes for me

    • Beerus The Destroyer says:

      supershaft25 He actually said it was a disaster in 2012, but facts huh? He said the election itself, not the college was rigged, which seeing how Bernie got screwed, should make you wonder. Opinions can change over a 4 year period. I’m sure there’s a rule or something you hate until it goes your way. But its ok, I know most left leaning dipshits are hypocrites anyway.

  6. Aditya Nema says:

    The iPad won JD Powell award for best not computer ever

  7. Top 10 says:

    1:16 – I like how you made sure to leave the happy expression on her face as you are dousing their iPad(COMPUTER) with the hose!

  8. Neel Parmar says:

    WhaT’S a CoMpUtEr???

  9. Kevin Harvick says:


  10. Frank Reynolds says:

    Took me a sec on the greatest race part. πŸ˜…

  11. krezo says:

    Are you sad that tom brady lost the superbowl?

  12. Joshua M says:

    Thanks for destroying that little smartass’s computer.

  13. Everything Trendiii says:

    I feel the same way about that Apple commercial… like a computer is outdated? Foh!

    • Rykehuss says:

      Smartphones and tablets are computers. They have the same tech, CPU, GPU, RAM, storage space. They do the same thing, gaming, internet browsing, watching cat videos on youtube. Theyre just smaller than desktop PC’s.

    • Bill Boyd says:

      +Rykehuss nope.. until there is app that can do 3d modeling for engineering or can mix and master 32 tracks of audio like a daw, your phone is just a toy compared to a desktop..

    • Rykehuss says:

      Bill Boyd Stop being a retard. You know damn well that smartphones and tablets ARE computers. Just because they arent able to do everything a desktop PC is able to do, doesnt make them not computers.

      You do realize that there are things like Intel NUC’s too, yeah? Is your desktop PC capable of protein-folding calculations or calculating N-body problems? no? oh I guess its just a toy compared to real supercomputers.

    • Bill Boyd says:

      +Rykehuss um… yes a desktop would be a toy compared to a supercomputer.. you have said nothing to change my original statement… you know your phone has 1000x the computing power the space shuttle had, that doesn’t make you phone a space ship..

  14. Jamie Yayme says:

    “c’mon kid, a computer! It’s what your parents used when they adopted you ya hipsta freak of nature!”

  15. SGT. 11B says:

    That computer commercial has been driving me nuts since i first saw it. So glad someone else hates it as much as I do. Really glad that asshole of a kid got sprayed with a water hose. What’s a computer my ass.

    • Alan Macias says:

      What’s most infuriating is knowing that Steve Wozniak is such a kind philanthropic person who visit many campuses and communities to speak on the importance of programming and engineering, and then Apple does this.

    • nhyijy says:

      Alan Macias you realize that Steve Wozniak has absolutely nothing to do with Apple, right?

    • Rykehuss says:

      nhyijy nothing to do except without him there wouldn’t have been Apple. Unless you meant “anymore” or “currently”

    • nhyijy says:

      Rykehuss of course that’s what I mean, he co-founded the company and did most of the work… in the 70’s

  16. LBC TO3 says:

    Before I even watch this video. I thank you Mahk, aka God. This “What’s a computer?” commercial is the popped hemorrhoid of TV advisement.

  17. JimsEquipmentShed says:

    Thanks, that “Whats a computer” needed an ass whoopin’.
    Steve Jobs must be spinning so fast his copper casket is generating electricity.

  18. Ja Z says:

    Oh great, you found the one guy.
    ROTF LOL, I was dying laughing

  19. Justin Baughman says:

    I couldn’t stand that smug child. Thanks for bringing us justice

  20. Fallout Plays says:

    Go tell ya mawm the computa’s broke. She’ll know what ya tawkin about.

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