If LeBron doesn’t want Luke Walton, Magic Johnson has to make changes – Stephen A. | First Take

If LeBron doesn’t want Luke Walton, Magic Johnson has to make changes – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen. A Smith and Max Kellerman react to Jackie MacMullan’s report that LeBron James’ camp “would prefer” Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton to be fired.

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98 Responses

  1. Arian Christopher says:

    Like Walton is a good coach!

  2. John Russel Violago says:

    LeBron ruined NBA in terms of team association

    • Nelson Ngamaleu says:

      Joshua Pearsall your soft

    • Chaoskae says:

      +Tevios BTG You’ll let a man punch you in the face for the sake of the team??

    • Chaoskae says:

      People worship, stan and simp for MJ so much that they hate that athletes are empowered today. People praise MJ for staying loyal to shitty management the Bulls had at that time. He should’ve left Jerry Krause and Jerry Reinsdorf…….

      But how did Lebron ruined the NBA?? So teams like Knicks, Cavs, Kings, Suns, Twolves Pelicans, and Hawks years of poor decisions bad trades, contracts and decisions didnt ruin the NBA? I guess players should remain loyal to bad teams? Boogie Cousins shouldve stayed with Sacramento…… AD should stay a Pelician? If you’re a Knick Fan should any superstar be loyal to James Dolan?? Tell me what has the Kings, or Knicks done recently for a player to stay on their team??

    • Joshua Rivers says:

      You’re an idiot.

    • Tevios BTG says:

      Chaoskae if I’m fuckin up get ma mind back rite? outcum championships

  3. Davey J says:

    Long Live Craig Sager

    • deharleyva says:

      +Joe Becerra He didn’t pay his son’s medical bills?

    • deharleyva says:

      +King Explosion Murder It’s his fault that he cut his kids out of his will AFTER one of them donated a freaking organ to him.

    • Mark Juarez says:

      Fuck those guys. They probably licking balls in hell

    • BJean93 says:

      He chose his side bitch over his own kids smh

    • m3talh3ad123 says:

      ​+BJean93 did some research on the topic, I have a feeling the 2nd wife was the one who left them out of the will last minute. What’s worse is that she won’t talk about it. His first set of kids with the first wife probably hate the 2nd wife with a passion, causing this shit storm.

  4. j0epark1 says:

    New Orleans getting some bad news lately…

  5. Matthew Byrd says:

    Cry baby ass little boi?

  6. CURRENCY365 says:

    D WADE…….Excuse me Cleveland A Smith but “IM MR SOUTH BEACH”!!!!!!!!! lol

  7. Richard Xia says:

    Lakers rosters do have problems, thats why they need to sign another star player, Luke has been great by far. People should stop putting blames him on loses.

  8. Smite Stuff says:

    LeBron is the type of guy that would probably ask for Greg Popovich to be fired as well even though he likes him lmao

    • dee astley says:

      +Facts Only He got the coach in Cleveland fired who was a decent coach and tried to get the guy in Miami fired. Now he wants the Lakers coach fired for a goon like Tyronn Lue.

    • Facts Only says:

      dee astley He only got one coach fired and that was David blatt. That was literally the only one.

    • Tyron Wells says:

      +Johnny Chao Blatt system was garbage and build around Kevin Love lol

    • Tyron Wells says:

      +dee astley He never tried to get him fire moron They just had frustrations because they were pressure to win in 2012 after LeBron choke in 2011

    • Johnny Chao says:

      +Tyron Wells Was every system garbage because Lebron could never really win chips more than 50% with any coach. I don’t think he had great coaches every time but he doesn’t ever want to play in a system, even if he was with Pop he’d be trying to get pop fired.

  9. Hasram Shivcharan says:

    Keep Mike Greenberg, it’s like watching Get Up! but with Max Kellerman instead of Jalen, he’s professional, can contribute, a great moderator, make it happen, ESPN.

  10. J says:

    The Sports media & sports like the NFL & NBA feel like WWE nowadays.

    • BJean93 says:

      Well yeah. They’re dramatizing sports obviously so more people watch

    • Altitude Magic says:

      Thats what ive been saying.
      Ive watched wwe for 20+ years and i kmow a vince McMahon tactic when i see one and the nfl, nba and espn fit it like a glove.

    • Altitude Magic says:

      +Phillip Riles it is true. A new york jets fan sued the nfl because the patriosts cheated. The jets fans wanted the money back from all he times he paid for a patriots vs jets game.

      The nfl lawyers said they were an entertainment company and that the ticket only gets you a seat in the stadium.

    • Tyler Gibson says:

      J lmao try the whole world

    • Roger Blewett says:

      Yep , it is.. sports has become the “Tom Brady” and “LeBron James” Show.. i said that years ago and here we still are talking about these guys night and day

  11. Ahamed Konneh says:

    It’s doesn’t matter who the lakers bring in to coach, it’s not gonna change anything. Lebron’s still gonna keep the ball in his hands and make everyone spot up shooters.

  12. DeAndreDropEmOff says:

    Lebron is cancer and KD was right

  13. j0epark1 says:

    Can we let go of Molly and keep Mike???

  14. Jay Gause says:

    Luke Walton is a Good Coach

    • Pimp Daddy says:

      Gerardo V. Labron is a joke. Period

    • ericimi says:

      His rotations are terrible .

    • Gerardo V. says:

      Pimp Daddy, this man takes the Cavs to numerous finals and inevitably wins it all in a state of inferior athletic history. Miami leased him for four years and won two. The Lakers leased him and we’re building and betting around him to win it all. He’s a winner and now the Lakers have to build around him. Let’s see how many we can win in 4 years.

    • Rashard Stallworth says:

      Luke Walton won 61 games out of 164 games before LeBron came. Dont blame LeBron.

    • Devin Fuller says:

      Gerardo V. He’s terrible bro he literally holds potential back and puts them in bad situations look at randle and dlo they ballin now he was bullying them last season always taking credit away from them

  15. pswag200 says:

    lol it’s not Luke’s fault , blame that shyt on the players

    • T Hunter says:


    • Marcos Gamez says:

      GM for bringing in this motley crew of a team. And the players, for not being able to make a free throw to save their lives. Lebron can’t close out games lately (before his injury) because he can’t make free throws. Ingram keeps trying to play hero ball. Lonzo needs to fix his shot. Kuzma needs to play defense.

    • Mr Inspirational Guide To Motivation At Its Best says:

      well blame the players yes to a certain degree, but the problem is as I knew would happen if lebron got hurt, you see how Walton is trying to run a real system with lebron being out because before he couldnt do that as lebron needs to have the ball in his hands all the time and never plays off the ball, so in retrospect, the issue here is the reason for the players not having a good record since lebron being out is because they are all trying to find themselves on how to play in a system that will work without lebron, when lebron was on the court, they never ran a real play, all you see is lebron bringing the ball up court and doing what he does best either drive, kick it out to an open three and thats it, your not gonna beat a team with a High IQ such as GSW and Spurs because they understand how lebron plays and they no he goes hard the first 3 quarters and if hes losing by the 4th he takes off and doesnt put much effot, then the Narrative is always well lebron showed up but what did the team do…

  16. MR Tibbz98 says:

    we suffered so long now this moderator look like a espn version of romo calling plays..keep this man

  17. Joe D says:

    I’d like to see Mark Jackson get another shot

  18. mzik - says:

    There we go again…sign Lebron..fire the coach, change 20+ players, be left with nothing.

    • Jake says:

      Richy Rich yeah they ain’t getting a championship now, but look what he did in Cleveland I’d rather go all in for for the title, and have the team in ruins after, rather than being stuck in mediocrity at best like they would’ve had it not been for Lebrons imprint.

    • Tony Black says:

      Will Goodson No Miami already had a championship. Nice try tho

    • Murder HeWrote says:

      +SB Jon F.ing team game son and not only that he made everyone better. Some of the bulls would be no namers.

    • jason fondeur says:

      mzik – Lmao u sound stupid, Spoelstra n mike brown weren’t fired

    • Tyler Gibson says:

      mzik – lmao that’s what happens when these clueless owners care more about returns and profit than winning, the only reason they would care is because REVENUE

  19. Max Kellerman says:

    Everywhere Lebron goes there will be a “coaching problem”. I’m starting to think LeBron needs some accountability

  20. Cris Curtean says:

    Then just make Lebron James the Head Coach, simple….

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