If Lil Nas X was in your class

If Lil Nas X was in your class

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If Lil Nas X was in your class


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56 Responses

  1. loveliveserve says:

    Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ ?

    Which rapper should we do next???

  2. eGg wItH 1000 sUbs says:

    Types of people during a lockdown is it too much to ask??

  3. Tijawn Taylor says:

    It’s confirmed rhino looks like everyone

  4. Sleepy head says:

    So if nle choppa or comethazine was in your class

  5. Juan Martinez says:

    3:08 when middle schoolers are disrespectful but you can’t do anything cuz teachers are watching

  6. Antwaan Robinson says:

    At 1:28 had me dead laughing Awesome Video 🙂
    you should do if Michael Jackson was in your class that would be amazing to see

  7. kameron Williams says:

    I don’t know if it’s me or like should rhino do nle choppa in your class or something

  8. itzkillAtryHARD K says:

    Brooo this shit is funny ASF ??????….Keep it up….❤❤❤

  9. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    I wanna see if NLE CHOPPA was In your class next.!

  10. Ducktagee says:

    Your bed is lava in

    Like if you didn’t care

  11. Weslijs says:

    They’re super positive, love their work, thank you guys for providing this amazing content!!!

  12. Jacob Freund says:

    Get better soon rhino… anxiety is strong but ur stronger ???

  13. Slix7 says:

    2:05 I was tripping on weed hard and thought I was having a salvia trip ? that shit was scary!

  14. Bill Naylor says:

    You should do playboi carti for the next rapper??

    Like this so they see this

  15. Isaiah Bonilla says:

    “Were you dicking around in the hallway?” Damn y’all clever ??

  16. Outlaw Moto says:

    This actually was my favorite “if———was in ur class” ?

  17. Brezeddric Jamerson says:

    A good video idea is if Kanye West was Your PE teacher. ….???

  18. SHashwat says:

    Rhino legit can become anybody ! From 6ix9ine to lil nas x .. lol ?

  19. Zeepip says:

    This is Lil Nas X

    How old can he get?

  20. Jayden Calderon says:

    Noah gon always find a way to eat during the video. I love him. He’s the best.

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