“If my mama played for the Clippers..” | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 7 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted

“If my mama played for the Clippers..” | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 7 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted

It’s a hoop lovers dream on this episode of The Shop, filmed in front of a live audience at the LeBron James Innovation Center on the campus of Nike’s World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Sit back and join 3x WNBA MVP Lisa Leslie, 4x NBA Champion Draymond Green, NBA Sneaker King & NBA Champion P.J. Tucker, marketing executive Paul Rivera, entrepreneur Maverick Carter, and NBA superstar LeBron James. Lisa discusses motherhood as a professional athlete, Draymond shares which games are the hardest to play, P.J. Tucker reflects on being the NBA’s sneaker king, and LeBron shares one of his biggest accomplishments as an athlete. Then, the crew breaks down the impact of Serena Williams on culture and more. Kick up your feet and remember…in the barbershop you can’t lie.

UNINTERRUPTED The Shop is presented by Grey Goose.

In LeBron James’ words…”Everything happens in The Shop.” The Sports Emmy Award-winning series UNINTERRUPTED The Shop is back for Season 5! Join us each month for new episodes featuring the biggest names in the game for unfiltered talk about sports, music, and culture.

(0:00) – Intro
(1:22) – Draymond’s Wedding
(5:22) – LeBron James Innovation Center
(12:52) – The crew on ‘Dawg Mentality’
(24:31) – Lisa on Compton
(26:26) – Lisa on When To Retire
(31:00) – LeBron on Bronny’s Ohio State Visit
(34:05) – The crew on Serena’s Impact
(38:02) – Lisa and The Crew on WNBA

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25 Responses

  1. Dats a paddlin says:

    Lol the timing with Draymond being on here is perfect 😂

  2. Joaquin Torres says:

    Big props on the new building and everything you’re doing LeBron, it’s inspiring to see you give back. Hope you and the boys can bring us another chip this year…

  3. B says:

    PJ literally fought his way to the league and stayed longer than most by finding a niche. Him and Pat Bev got the dawg in them, they earned every bit of it!

  4. TylerPlayz says:

    Here for Lisa Leslie lol I loved watching her play when I was a young girl lol I even read her book that my mom bought as a bday gift, books was never my thing so that should say a lot there.

  5. Cousin Chris says:

    Every episode of this show never fails to shake the internet up.

  6. Aslan 10 says:

    Man draymond talking about being a dawg is just a fitting timing 😂

  7. Honest-Leigh Speaking says:

    Ayo Lisa is slept on as an interviewer! She should be on more mainstream media shows too. Her questions and responses were great!

  8. TylerPlayz says:

    Man draymond talking about being a dawg is just a fitting timing 😂

  9. Martin Dominguez says:

    Lisa is awesome! What an honest, strong and awesome good hearted person. Cool to hear her.

  10. El Conquistador says:

    We take LeBron for granted. He’s a great human being. Shout out to PJ, Hook’em fellow Longhorn.

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