IF | Official Teaser Trailer

IF | Official Teaser Trailer

Get ready for a heart-warming, all-family film from the director of A Quiet Place, the star of Deadpool, and the studio that brought you Annihilation. #IFMovie

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38 Responses

  1. @Infamous_wu13 says:

    They should start a fosters home for imaginary friends

  2. @AwesomenessTV says:

    Giving us IF and Deadpool in the same year?? 😭 KING

  3. @leoribeirop says:

    So proud to see the “written and directed by John Krasinski” title card on this, this man has been killing it in everything he does!

  4. @calkelpdiver says:

    Even as an adult I would want to watch this. Sometimes we need to let the little kid inside show themselves so we can stay sane. And what can’t Ryan Reynolds do at this time. The guy is everywhere. Maximum Effort!

    • @DonDonDealio says:

      I am not an adult yet but I need to see this movie I want to be a kid again

    • @nathanhaugen6394 says:

      Amen true words

    • @KittyCat22976 says:

      @@DonDonDealio the great thing about being a grownup after not having a childhood myself, is Now I can live any way that I want to, and I Do!!

      Just know that for yourself, and hang in there. 💜💯
      It will get better, and the adult life you choose to live Can Be the childhood you always wanted. You will gravitate towards (and make Friends With) others like you, and it Will Be A Fun Adulthood.

      Take Care! 👍

    • @remyandersen2001 says:

      i love this so much. i hate that adults want me to be an adult when deep down inside, i never let that little kid leave. i guess it’s kind of me clinging on to a shrivel of hope and optimism that comes with childlike innocence.

  5. @CharlyBannana says:

    Out of respect for Krasinski I will go watch this

  6. @dylanturley7291 says:

    I love that Ryan is in more kid friendly movies, it brings parents and kids together because we all love him.

  7. @anthonyvelazquez6604 says:

    Ryan Reynolds is just that one actor that can make every movie come out good no matter what he does, even if he’s not the main character, I just love him so much!

  8. @ramirezproductions0826 says:

    This movie looks even better than I imagined! I already had a hunch it was gonna be good since I found out John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds were behind this movie, but this trailer DEFINITELY confirms my predictions! Boy, I’m definitely gonna buy a ticket for this thing!

    • @thomasjoseph5876 says:

      If you look at all of the people in this movie, it is basically a “friends and family” list for John Krasinski LOL.

  9. @Stickfigure414 says:

    I feel like the era of watching a movie because a certain actor is and it is back. Anything with Ryan Reynolds is entertaining and worth watching.

  10. @paulgreen3030 says:

    I’m calling it right now, Ryan Reynolds’ character is going to be an IF from a kid that didn’t have a father in their life, who was supposed to be what they imagined their father to be like, and I’m sure it will be super emotional.

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