If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook

If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook

It’s fine to just leave.

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19 Responses

  1. Manuel Dengis says:

    notice the place is blue. Nice background guy (don’t know the real title of
    the job)

  2. Vegas McSwagger says:

    So true…

  3. Stryke says:

    ITT: People bragging that they are one of over 6 billion people that don’t
    use Facebook.

  4. cruz2410 says:

    People are overrated.

  5. simbasorariku3 says:

    Your the narcissus.

  6. dani060601 says:

    why is everything blue?

  7. frodo baggins says:

    This one was pretty good and spot on. Good job collegehumor.

  8. Uthman Baksh says:

    That’s pretty much how I leave a lame ass party. I guess I’ll leave
    Facebook when my mom joins, if she joins. 

  9. Jakie Wills says:


  10. provyprov says:

    i don’t go on facebook very much but i’ve never actually seen anyone say
    they were leaving it

  11. Tom Haythorn says:

    That’s exactly why I left! Bloody hell you can relate to this channel! But
    I’m sure I didn’t make such a big thing about it.

  12. Zetune Saul says:


  13. feaverofhell1 says:

    quality content collegehumor

  14. Shadic4101 says:

    Man this is so true

  15. The Blast From The Past says:

    old people twitter (cancer)

  16. MrAdsfsadf says:

    18 years old, I dont have facebook. How am I really supposed to feel about

  17. Becky Savoie says:

    Also true for those cleaning out their friends list…

  18. carelesskeith says:

    Doing a experiment subscribe so im able to reach 100 subscribers ;Dawk I
    tried thats all that matters

  19. vyk rai says:

    firstly, Facebook is not a party where you can actually interact with
    people leaving your screen in your pocket. In general people are starting
    to have twin personality i.e. one they are originally and the other they
    keep building themselves on social network. I was one of them. leaving
    Facebook gave me a positive feeling and this was totally false
    interpretation of a real scenario.