If Soda Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads

If Soda Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads


If it’s hot out and you’re in dire need of refreshment, just grab yourself an ice cold bottle of candy.

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20 Responses

  1. TheOtakuX says:

    As soon as this video was over, I left to buy 6 cases of Mountain Dew (it’s
    on sale…)

  2. Chuck Petti says:

    Hilarious, true and sad that it is a worldwide loved product.

  3. Sierra Hale says:


  4. RoseGoldAndGrey says:

    but… if my blood sugar dips too low, I need soda or something else sugary
    to get me back on track. and diet soda is actually terrible for you.

  5. jacob rubio says:

    Any body else notice the bottle change the amount of candy was in it after
    the first sip

  6. Crobat394 says:

    You also forgot to mention the soda is designed to dehydrate you, do entice
    you to drink more later.

  7. LaserSexPanther says:

    Pepsi at least the bottle is.

  8. Levi March says:

    Have you seen the movie The invention of lying?

  9. Madara “LostInGames1” Ryuzaki says:

    FUCKING HELL!! Even just showing me or drinking it makes me want to drink

  10. Hannah G says:

    If waxing salons were honest. Please please do it

  11. F0r3v3rT0m0rr0w says:

    dont forget the traces of cocain

  12. tyler strand says:

    damn get this shit on basic cable heads would roll

  13. Glenroy Joseph says:

    at first, i was shocked he drank it, then the end made it all better.

  14. wishbone346 says:

    Drinking a Dr. Pepper while watching this lol

  15. Google is Shit says:

    Return of the Roger!

  16. DéJi Vu says:

    Exactly. This is why I only drink cola with alcohol in it.

  17. Jay Snow says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t go into some detail about the aspartame in some
    diet drinks.

    after this video, please do a “If Fast Food Commercials Were Honest”

  18. Keebs says:

    Honest Ads and OPCD are the best parts of Cracked

  19. Donovan Rice says:

    I mean… Calling it liquid candy makes me really want some right now

  20. Justin Carson says:

    Erm, the sugar content is on soda.