If Star Wars Took Place Today!

If Star Wars Took Place Today!

Star War’s is supposed to take place LONG AGO in a galaxy far, far away… but what would it look like NOW, in a galaxy close, close by?

Also, just because I know people are going to ask, we made this just for fun. There is no real kickstarter page.

Click here to see bloopers and BTS for this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gNaJgRWfUU&feature=youtu.be

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19 Responses

  1. Eirik Aquilizan says:

    Why does nigahiga is not the most subscribe channel if he is the coolest youtuber?

  2. ThunderDude135 says:

    Am I the only one who haven’t watched a single Star Wars movie, but watch this instead?

  3. Lawrance Watson says:

    Man u put so much effort in every single video, just love ur creativity. U deserve more bud, ur just awesome, RYAN FOR THE WIN…hehe

  4. Trina Saavedra says:

    “That’s impossible, I’ve never seen that before.” “What? The force?” “No, an Asian lead character” RYAN HIGA DROPPING TRUTH BOMBS ?

  5. Vanny says:

    Where do I donate to support this kickstarter campain…

  6. Youthful Jo says:

    This was so amazing lol, Ryan is really a genius even though he doesn’t really think so himself!! But I’m still so excited for that BGA comeback hahaha

  7. 이준환 says:

    No. They will fight with games called Clash Royal or Overwtach!

  8. Arvind Thadi says:

    Yash gaaysh how did shoo knoe how much I lurve shtar trek!!!!

  9. GamingWithJOY says:

    Completely unique ideas, Awesome acting, Funny & Creative…. Probably the best YTer!!!


  10. Rachel Queen says:

    I was just thinking yesterday how Ryan doesn’t post very often (as compared to many other youtubers) but also how nobody cares since we know he’s always working so hard and gives the best content when it comes. ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO THANK YOU RYAN ~~

  11. GoodGirlGoneGink says:

    That moment when you drew Disney Chanel icon…

  12. Lynn Gao says:

    the subtitles… who ever made them.. are lit HAHA

  13. Christy Pascale says:

    Man this guy is killing me on every single video. I mean, HOW DOES ONE GET SO CREATIVE ???

  14. Potatoe Bagginz says:

    when he did the Disney channel thing I died

  15. T-bo bo-T says:

    What’s all this about Ryan not uploading often. He uploads every 1-2 weeks QUALITY CONTENT. Some Youtubers upload once a month, and it’s them talking to a camera! Ryan it be AWESOME if you, Will, Greg, Sean, Derick, and Daina made a series on HigaTV explaining how they film and edit and write? I would looooooove to watch that! Who would want that too??

  16. Mahiya Shah says:

    Ryan Higa deserves an award

  17. Marya Li says:

    Holy shit Ryan’s production quality is flawless as always

  18. FullyMax says:

    But Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee were asian lead characters.

  19. Royalty Free Music says:

    *3:57** – Hi, I’m ryan higa & you’re watching nigahiga*

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