If the ‘Forgot your password’ thing was a person

If the ‘Forgot your password’ thing was a person

“Incorrect Password”
*changes password*
“Password is too close to your old password”

Tidiane – Melodies
Oddwin – 19

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45 Responses

  1. OwO says:

    If ‘Forgot the Password’ was a villain, we would be needing the entire Marvel cast to face such evil.

  2. The Keef Crew says:

    Bro the fact they lock you out is just salt on the wound lol.

    • Ekquizit Sounds says:


    • PlokTheMasterGamer says:

      As someone who has manually brute forced friends PWs and as someone who has had friends do the same
      As well as how easy it easy to gain access to an account if you know enough personal info on the person
      Be glad they lock your account after 10 tries lol

      Times definitely have changed, but I hacked my freinds lvl 98 runescape account because I know enough info about his account, about him, and also knew what his first password was because his brother told me or something like that (he had a different one, but runescape used to allow you to enter up to 3 previous passwords as evidence that it’s your account)

    • Jayden Townsend says:

      @PlokTheMasterGamer Nobe of my friends know my password cause it’s an old school ID number of mine that’s nearly impossible to guess.

    • Mr. Smalls C/O 2016 says:

      The 🐐

    • GonzaloGamer 13 Arias says:

      Lol i made 6969

  3. Ashyboo 74 says:

    The fact that robo-Caleb didn’t flinch while having random items throw at him is proof of his robot status

  4. King Kong Beats Godzilla says:

    Caleb is so right….like “your new password can’t be the same as your last password.” Then why didn’t the last password work?

  5. Thunder Gaming says:

    Forgot the password: *starts laughing maniacally*
    caleb: why you laughing
    Forgot the password: alright now , find martians on this image of mars and if u cant ur banned from ur account

  6. Domein HG says:

    Caleb: “Hey so I need you to throw random stuff at me while I smile villainously into the camera.”
    The other Caleb:”Sure”

  7. vonekiller says:

    Remember when you could give yourself hints, and the stupid you when setting the hints put something like “You know it”

  8. Ky'ell says:

    The real reason why Caleb didn’t upload for so long.

  9. TPain says:

    his evil laugh has literally been evolving throughout his entire career.

  10. Ray Mak says:

    Remember to do the Proof of human verification as well. Gotta select pictures of bus.

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