If the Knicks don’t sign Kevin Durant, it would be a complete failure – Max Kellerman | First Take

If the Knicks don’t sign Kevin Durant, it would be a complete failure – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman of First Take takes a shot at New York Knicks owner James Dolan, suggesting that if the New York Knicks do not sign Kevin Durant this offseason, it is a complete failure by the franchise and the owner.

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103 Responses

  1. j0epark1 says:

    If I had to put money on it, I’d say the Knicks will not get Durant or any top 20 player and continue to fail.

    • Nebula says:

      +xcen1 knicks are worse now than they were in 2010 lol…

    • xcen1 says:

      +Mireya B did you forget what NY did to its former player charles oakley?

    • xcen1 says:

      +Gang Green you’re using too many emojis child. Ok let’s play to your fantasy of KD and kyrie going to NY. Now tell me where NY will be next year. Most likely will just be 6 to 8th seed at best. Because who are the rest of the teammates? Do they have any good role players. GSW won first time not just because of splash bros. They had veteran players like shaun livingston and finals mvp iguodala coming off the bench. And look at the trades that happen recently. philly got tobias harris, toronto got gasol, bucks got mirotic. The top teams in east got even better. So NY signing 2 max players isn’t enough to win.

    • xcen1 says:

      +Nebula yes so they should keep tanking and not have to pay anyone for the next 5 years.

    • Nebula says:

      +xcen1 didn’t say that

  2. Jaleel says:

    Man this narrative gotta go , he said he ain’t thinking about no damn knicks !

    • King Ubong says:

      he said that to quiet the noise lol

    • Monique Nichols says:

      +PAUL WESTBROOKmost importantly, one cant trust a man that speaks on another mans haircut and the texture if his hair

    • Patrick Hoey says:

      Monique Nichols Exactly. A man can poke fun at another man’s hairline, but when you get into talking about texture, you’re suspect.

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      Aj ce when is talkin about naps and buckshots suspect with black people. Talkin bout someone’s hair has always been alright, especially rich mothafuckas. People have clowned on Kordell Stewart, Lebron James, Jimmy Butler, Gilbert Arenas,. Hell we even clowned on Kobe Bryant for always having naps also, till he cut it. Ain’t nothing wrong with talkin bout naps.

    • John Hawthorne says:

      Jaleel nah what he said was the advertisements don’t impress him

  3. dabby dabby says:

    Knicks suck….The waterboy not even signing a Max contract.

  4. GrandSupremeNews says:

    ESPN Becoming more like CNN.. SAS reminds me of Don Lemon ‘Sleepless Nights’

  5. Alex Chen says:

    The Knicks cleared up so much cap space and watch them sign Kemba Walker and 2 bench players this summer

    • Cq Thatdude says:

      Goran Dragic and Middleton is about all they will get lol

    • Carlos Eduardo Azevedo dos Santos says:

      +Manny Manhattan Music Stoudemire and they settled for him when they didn’t get Lebron. Pathetic franchise every other team wishes they had the prestige and market that the knicks have and they do nothing with it.

    • NeoMicy says:

      Knicks getting Gasol/Conley for 2 max slots. Thrust the proces!!! xD

    • Cosmic Thanos says:


    • Ruben says:

      Alex Chen Why would they sign Kemba Walker if they already traded for Dennis Smith Jr, if they can’t get a Kyrie and KD and know they won’t be able to I don’t see them signing one All-Star I see them tanking and letting their young players develop

  6. Gurg , says:

    Didn’t max say KD wasn’t a top 5 player

  7. Nkky Tyler says:

    Molly please exercise your right to remain silent.

  8. Adan Leon says:

    Knicks have been ass for 40 years

  9. Manny Manhattan Music says:

    Knicks 2 max contacts are going to be Dragic a Middleton ??‍♂️

    • Don Giovanni says:


    • Milk Bytes says:

      They both allstars ?

    • Charlie AnC says:


    • Saint Aubyn says:

      Manny Manhattan Music ???

    • Samurai says:

      Middleton may not resign with the Bucks. If the Bucks don’t resign Middleton, they have enough for a single max contract. If they’re able to potentially land an elite player over Middleton, I do not have faith he’ll be there for much longer. Although, I really want Middleton to stay, he is 27 going on 28 in the 19/20 season but with Budenholzer, I also believe he has time to develop and become an multi-all star player and possibly earn a championship depending on the management and trades accomplished by the Milwaukee Bucks; assuming that he continues to be healthy.
      As a Bucks fan, I don’t see Milwaukee being in contention for a title without another star player. If we were able to obtain a star player along side Giannis and Middleton, I see us becoming a large threat to championship teams currently, ie. Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics and potentially Toronto Raptors whether or not Kawhi commits to the team and/or the team brings in or develops there young core into a far more scary powerhouse.

      #FearTheDear #BuiltToStay #Bucks

  10. Jovan SS says:

    The Knicks will flop in free agency, sign a bunch of 1 year contracts and we will replay this again in 2020. Cant wait?

  11. Anthony Rose says:

    Look I’m a lifelong Knicks fan. I been throughout the pains and I pains of this team. But listen here KD ain’t coming to NYK ain’t no way. If we were already established with 2 superstars then yes he would come to the Knicks but. KD can’t be the alpha dog on a team and lead them to the promise he ain’t build for all that.

  12. KD is not 6'9 says:

    Fuck the trash asss knicks.

  13. Durkio B says:

    WHOA MAX 2:30
    He just called KD a top 5 player I thought he was insisting KD WASNT IN THE TOP 5! LOL bruhhh

  14. Vladimir Vasquez says:

    “For a guy that’s been eating McDonald’s for about s decade you sure are demanding a nice steak.” Damn.

  15. Dizkover says:

    Max is right… Knicks already won the lottery with KP and decided to sell him in exchange for lottery tickets. DUMB.

    • Theprfesssor says:

      They could have not only had Porzingis but most likely Zion Williamson and then one Superstar weather it be Kyrie, Kauai, Durant Thompson but no welcome to the Knicks

    • Dee Nyce says:

      kp is damaged goods idiot!!! and he was going to leave and the franchise would have been in a much worst position!!! do you even understand draft picks and what rebuilding means???? knicks are set up to be great, maybe not overnight but in time. at least there is a solid structure in management now!!!

    • RED DURT says:

      Kp is not that good

    • Theprfesssor says:

      +Dee Nyce
      the last time the New York Knicks were relevant was in the 90’s (to bad they kept running into Jordan) they have rebuilt multiple times even gotten superstars the most recent one wasted his career their ownership is incompetent and out of touch, they haven’t won their division since 2013, haven’t been to/won a conference finals since 1999 ergo it’s also the last time they went to the finals…..20 years oh and the last time the Knicks were NBA champions……..1973 ffs at this point the word “Knicks” is a slang for mediocrity they are the Cowboys of the NBA just worse

  16. Rondo ThaGodd says:

    Max feels the power flowing through him when Steven A not around lmfaooooo

  17. Humphking says:

    Who would leave the Warriors for the Knicks. Seriously, look how that organization and how it’s ran, no one wants to go there.

    • willburd bath says:

      new york city plus he wants to win one by himself or at least him being the man

    • The Deano says:

      Called money bud

    • Know The Ledge says:

      $$$$ that’s why

    • Zohaib Kazi says:

      Yea but you have to consider that money is king, the Knicks can offer not one but two max contracts, so they can possibly contend if he comes and gets paid and he is also 30 years old. He basically has 3 rings, only thing he would possibly want is to have A- His own team where he is the superstar and B- money money

      Not saying he will, but just saying maybe why he would

    • crawlFace says:

      Lot’s of valid points. The Knicks are now customizable and they have sound management in Perry and Fiz. Also, Mills is listening and working well with them.

      I’m not going to say P.Jackson was clueless but there was a lack of cohesion and an inability to modify or present his ideas and knowledge in a productive way that worked with today’s game and also the preferences of today’s player. His coaching hires just didn’t contain magic, that something special that allows coaches to take lemons and make lemonade kind of skill or relationships with players and org etc.

      Jackson is gone, and ultimately it cost us the Unicorn but looking forward- the Knicks are pretty much fully customizable. Of course there’s benefits to joining a franchise nearly championship ready etc but there’s also magic and incredible story lines in something you can build and pilot from the start. That kind of build is juicy and full of inspirational relationships and events- and it’s not easy to have such a start available.

      You can buy a car with someone else’s awesome paint job, and fair enough it certainly looks hot but it’s still someone else’s paint job, someone else’s design. Then you can also come up with your own design, you customize your car etc. Either way there’s no right or wrong, just preferences and stages in player’s careers.

  18. Daniel Cho says:

    Max is 100% correct. Not sure what Will and Molly don’t understand. The Knicks should’ve never been in a situation where they had to even consider trading Kristaps.

  19. You Call That a Knife? says:

    “They hit the Mega Millions, and then took the whole jackpot and bought LOTTERY TICKETS!!” 😀

  20. AndyB says:

    “They hit the mega millions, then took the whole jack pot and bought lottery tickets!”

    Max is a genius.

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