If Trans People Said The Stuff Cisgender People Say

If Trans People Said The Stuff Cisgender People Say

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20 Responses

  1. Sarah Ross says:

    +pinkpeach Cisgender means you are the same gender as what you were
    assigned at birth. Transgender means you identify as a different gender
    than you were assigned with at birth. It has nothing to do with happiness.

  2. VeryUnfriendlySpoon says:

    Hey Tumblr, how’s it going?

  3. Someone else says:

    Scroll down for ignorant 12 year olds

  4. BryanAndProud says:

    Rocco is facial hair goals!!!

    Anyone hating, please educate yourself before embarrassing yourself and
    misinforming people. <3

  5. Ariel Erzsebet says:

    Hey, guys:

    Cisgender is someone whose gender corresponds to their assigned sex.

    If you are cis, you are not trans. If you are trans, you are not cis. Yeah,
    that simple.

  6. godzillakiller1 says:

    i would have never guessed they were both transgendered

  7. Natalie Keane says:

    why would any cisgender person say this? I’m cisgender myself, but I would
    never say anything like this to a trans person ever, it’s so rude.

  8. P. Quevansé says:

    It’s a mental disorder… +jeroen custers​

  9. OhMyGodBrittany says:

    Omg tumblr 

  10. AidanIsThisGuy says:

    I guess curiosity is offensive now. 

  11. Lord McSatan says:

    Just remember you have a mental disorder and that non-surgical therapy is
    the answer.

  12. Napoleón Bonaparté says:

    Buzzfeed im not hating or trying to degrade you guys but i miss the good
    old days when you guys used to make interesting and cool videos. I’ve been
    subscribed for so long but now i hardly watch your videos.


    Gays, pedophiles, incest, polygamy, bestiality: its all the same thing. If
    you think one is ok an the other is not, than you are a damn hypocrite.
    They are all equally messed up.

  14. Ale Iacovelli says:

    It’s not about making them feel better, it’s about giving a name to
    something. If you’re not a transgender, and the cisgender term does not
    exist, what are you?

  15. Kenzie Bo Benzie says:

    down with cis

  16. rex mundi says:

    trans people apparently don’t like when you refer to yourself as “normal”
    when you are o.k. with whatever genitalia you received at birth. well
    listen up, i don’t like being called cisgender, and no that doesn’t make me
    a transphobe. how about us “cisgenders” force a label on you transgenders
    and call you cisgenderphobes when you don’t like it. if you really are into
    protecting human rights, how about protecting mine and call me by what i
    prefer, a man.

  17. Joss Weatherby says:

    I guess by “cisgender” they mean “normal.”

  18. La Toya Dee says:

    What the hell is a cisgender

  19. Rest says:

    Oh, poor cisgender people who feel offended by the word and can’t tell that
    it isn’t an insult, while missing the entire point of the video. Oh, the
    pain. :(

  20. eff yoo says:

    You know what? I’m paralyzed since birth and it is absolutely normal, I
    didn’t choose it therefore you all walking people should hop on a wheel
    chair and stop using your feet. How do you walk? Don’t you ever trip and
    fall on your face? Isn’t it tiresome, painful for your feet, boring and
    frustrating when I casually roll past you sweaty folks with my electric
    wheelchair? Paralyzed is absolutely natural and all of you bipedal racist
    bigots should stop walking, because I’m a fucking part of a minority and
    the majority should follow my lifestyle or I’ll get offended. Racists…