If Video Game Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads

If Video Game Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads


Because if anyone needs real talk, it’s gamers.

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20 Responses

  1. JustKyzuuh says:


  2. Tommy Bowles says:

    So truuuuuuuu

  3. Jerry VanNuys says:

    I like arcade games and I’m not picky about the platform.
    “Video Games” (of the “Halo” and “GTA” type) don’t interest me.

  4. Dylan Paul says:

    He forgot to mention the systems are also lower performing than a PC, and
    don’t last as long, but Hey you’ll buy ours anyways because you already
    have a computer, and you don’t need a better computer that can play games,
    and do the same stuff your current computer can do, but faster.

  5. Xane Jan says:

    “designed specifically to fail after a certain amount of time” lol more
    like AMD gpu.

  6. Itz Crayons says:

    do i have to get this in a supply drop!?

  7. Souvik Sinha says:

    Wow! Mr. Roger deserves a bourbon from me

  8. András Bíró says:

    These techniques are for amateurs. Pros make Free to P(l)ay games !

  9. Katrina Payne says:

    This video is beautiful.

    I love that console’s name too. xD

  10. xhammy says:

    Early access games are made by private secs without a marketing team

  11. reansumler says:

    we are going to tell you there are NO supply drops…. but where is the
    profit. GET THE ZOMBIE……whatever….. in a supply drop

  12. Filipe Aguiar says:

    Shut up old man. Go back drinking whisky half naked sit on your diapers
    full of shit falling down your legs to your socks. When you done , go spend
    your pennies to the slot machine cross the road and get some trash to eat
    from the dumpster next to your door. YOLO

  13. John Smith says:

    Sounded like Starwars Battlefield LMAOO and EA

  14. NightlightAlex says:

    sounds just like dead island 3

  15. Kevin Leo (DJ NiveK) says:

    PC MAS… wait I dont even have a PC whoops

  16. illyounotme says:

    While I am not a serious gamer I do know there is a big move in gaming to
    story driven games rather than the same old BS shot ’em up games the
    industry has been soving down our throats.

    Some amazing story driven games include Soma, Firewatch, Gone Home, Heavy
    Rain, Until Dawn,The Magic Circle (which was actually about the gaming
    industry) and so many more.

    These games have become more choose your own adventure stories, where you
    make decisions that effect the outcome of how the game goes. Some other
    notable games of this style are Last of Us, Life is Strange, Waling Dead
    and Game of Thrones by Tell Tale.

    But this is also not your typical console gaming, but games found on Steam
    for the most part. A place where you can find the future of gaming. Where
    the true innovation and creation is happening.

  17. Dean Murray says:

    “decent people being driven from their home”
    karma is a bitch, ill tell you that

  18. zachery klughaupt says:

    It’s funny that when they cut to the “fake gameplay” is gameplay from u4

  19. blackice7317 says:


  20. Chibi Chan (Chibicore Gaming) says:

    PC master race