If Waiters Were Honest

If Waiters Were Honest

“Yes, I caught you staring at my boobs. No, they are not on the menu.”

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After Midnight
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20 Responses

  1. ironrazma25 says:

    so buzzfeed is telling me that waiters are thinking bad about customers
    dont give a shit about them and deeply hate all them….. ok then NO TIPS

  2. whichever-god you-prefer says:

    Where is the self entitled asshole who says they can quit their job if they
    dont like serving? and yet they have never had to face that struggle
    themselves… i know youre here somewhere… dick.

  3. Eva R says:

    omg i am a waitres and this is so true! 

  4. Muhammed Yusuf says:

    Lol aimen

  5. Ciara Scott says:

    In Australia people don’t tip, like ever, so count yourselves lucky. 

  6. Zomby Zomby says:

    I don’t eat in restaurants.

  7. Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona says:

    This is why I am super nice to waiters they do it cause they need to eat too
    No one in the right mind enjoys such a job

  8. Hazal Ak says:

    I’m a waitress and honestly this is 100% true ahaha

  9. Little Minion says:

    This is me every shift, except with added drunk people cause it’s a pub. 

  10. grrr1024 says:

    Servers and pizza drivers put up with so much crap from people. I always
    tip waiters 20-25% and pizza drivers 30-35% because I know they aren’t paid
    well and work so hard just to have assholes as customers. 

  11. SpinningGamer | MCSG says:

    These are so true

  12. Elm Waif says:

    Genuine question: what is wrong with the air-signature?
    I mean, of course when the waiter is right in front of me I’ll vocally ask
    for the check, but if I catch their eye across the room I always make the
    air-signature rather than yelling or making them come over to me. I don’t
    want to be rude, so please tell me how this is inappropriate.

  13. Lashooshoo says:

    Omg this is perfect! Waiters down to a T! Haha

  14. jose bravo says:

    If the restaurant has food runners and expos and you’re a server and think
    your job is hard stfu.

  15. kaxze says:

    Why can’t the owners of the restaurant just pat their waiters properly
    rather than the public having to pay them ?

  16. KH-mixerX says:

    I always treat my waiters/waitresses like Gods. Never mistreat people that
    serve you food. 

  17. Kelly Chan says:

    I guess I have to tell my dad not to do the air signature anymore….

  18. Kyle Ando says:

    This scares me. 

  19. Jack Morgan says:

    The “air signature” is a universal sign that you are ready to pay and works
    in a busy restaurant when the waiter might not be able to ask each
    individual table if they need anything. I understand that service is
    different in America, but in the UK and most of Europe, this sign is
    recognised and is much more polite than shouting “Can we have the bill over

  20. Jason Ring says:

    Forgot about crop dusting the assholes.