If Water Fights Were Like Video Games

If Water Fights Were Like Video Games

A summer 2021 day with super soakers, water blasters and some surprises 😎

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25 Responses

  1. The TYV channel says:

    Shiloh and Elijah: We are out of water
    Judah: Peacefully puts water in his weapons, drink the water and throws some at him as well.

  2. Lego Brix and Controller Stix says:

    More like a movie but I love this vid and how Jocelyn is the β€œBig Boss”

  3. Vanshika Bhatia says:

    Mary: Is it raining?
    Josiah: Maybe like two drops

  4. Matthew Cha says:

    Fact: If someone pulls a bigger gun then you, then ‘Let’s talk about it’

  5. Gaming Girl says:

    Shiloh: What is our strategy?

    “Kick butt”
    -Judah 2021

  6. Llama Queen says:

    I honestly thought Brittany was going to be on red team πŸ˜‚

  7. NerdyEast says:

    Everyone: Charges and battle
    Mary:Runs Away
    Me: ……..

  8. *JLMAA* -I’m okay- says:

    How dare they skip the speech, *HOW DARE THEY*


  9. Luna's_gamingworld says:

    “We need to call in the gig boss”
    *Jocelyn shows up*
    Yup she’s the right person

  10. Austin B says:

    Jocelyn: Calls a water nuke
    Shiloh: Umbrella inbound
    Me: ????

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