If you beat this, I give you $2000…

If you beat this, I give you $2000…

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I will give $2000 to the first to beat this Minecraft Difficulty, because I know it’s impossible. There is just no way…

Twitch (I STREAM A LOT): https://www.twitch.tv/fundy
Twitter (FUNNY STUFF): https://twitter.com/fundylive
Discord: https://discord.gg/fundy


There are secrets I didn’t showcase in the video, to make the game even harder for you 😉


first get this: https://cdn.fundy.tv/ImpossibleChallengePlugin.jar
thats the plugin (aka. difficulty that I made)

Get a spigot server up and running for 1.17.1, the plugin is made for that and you can just follow a tutorial for all of that.

Make sure to have a full recording from start to finish of you beating the game, (it can be attempted with multiple people). The person who wins the $2000 is NOT the fastest, but the FIRST to beat it and prove it to me. You can send in the video/twitch vod via Twitter dm’s, email, or just tweeting it.

no hacks, cheats, xray, etc… is allowed. A set seed is allowed ONLY if the portal isn’t fully filled in. My plugin HAS to be the only plugin that is enabled. GOODLUCK

#Fundy #Minecraft #ImpossibleDifficulty

now the word soup:

In this video I dont play on the DreamSMP, but instead I made one of my babymode difficulties, or impossible difficulties. It makes minecraft impossible in the hopes of a minecraft, but video like dream / dreamwastaken or george / georgenotfound or tommyinnit or wilbur or other dream smp members have done in the past. I coded it so that minecraft is actually impossible, and this is a custom difficulty / challenge / minecraft but for you to try out! I hope you enjoy this fun little project, it was a blast to record and make, and I definitely did enjoy it. I hope you have fun watching!

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40 Responses

  1. Fundy says:

    Install State of Survival for FREE: https://stateofsurvival.co/fundy for a chance to win a Lamborghini!!


  2. Wisp says:

    i may have to try and do this, for the love of fundy.

  3. Cosmo says:

    Have you ever considered not wanting people to hate themselves playing Minecraft?

  4. Derpled says:

    not even impossible 🥱

  5. Luke Liu says:

    Fundy: makes “ impossible difficulty”

    Sb737, and wadzee: *whomst has awoken the enderdragon*

  6. SB737 says:

    Should I beat this as well 😏

  7. USJapan says:

    I have never been more okay with missing out on $2000

    To whomever actually does this, you are officially the Monarch of Minecraft

  8. Rowan Myhr says:

    Fundy: ha no one will beat this difficulty

    Wadzee: that’s what you think

  9. Stephen - Brawl Stars says:

    Fundy: *challenges us to compete his impossible challenge*

    WadZee: *did someone say free cash!?*

  10. Light says:

    Fundy: If beat this gamemode, I will give you 2000 dollars.
    Wadzee: are you sure?

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