If You Build A Lamborghini I’ll Pay For It!

If You Build A Lamborghini I’ll Pay For It!

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40 Responses

  1. MrBeast says:

    Go on your favorite delivery app and order the new Dream Burger from Beast Burger!

  2. Mr C h i c k e n says:

    MrBeast: “this Lamborghini costs more then your house”
    Me who doesn’t have a house: “not exactly”

    • Darker Turn2.0 says:

      God loves you GO for him and Jesus Christ loves you and plz don’t say oh go# it’s a sin to you and Jesus Christ and god it is way better if you say oh my gosh them oh my go# but even if you say it he will still forget and forgive don’t be afraid everyone doesn’t God bless stay safe and no hate Amen👼🏻👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏿👼❤️🙇🏼‍♂️ stay safe.

    • Alex retana says:

      Lol same too

    • Sjdgwuagsje Qpeumsbwoeu says:

      110k subs no verification?

    • PRO GUEST says:


  3. Lonely Sandwich says:

    That guy who rated himself an 8 is so humble, respect.

  4. RoboRunsTheWRLD says:

    Me wanting the dream burger: 🙂
    Me stuck with my maple syrup and snow: 😔🇨🇦

  5. Joseph Stofflet says:

    Parents be like STOP PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!

    Me be like I WON A LAMBORGHINI!

  6. Pizzaman says:

    “This car costs more than your house” Bold of you to assume I own a house

  7. Dona Estorque says:

    Karl and Chris: This isn’t a rodeo, this is building cars
    Jimmy: Anyone want my friends?

    I’m cracking up

  8. ZerO says:

    Alternate title: Karl and Chris freaking out abt cartoon cars for 10 minutes straight

  9. SILVER SPADES says:

    Imagine accidentally stumbling across Mr Beast in a Minecraft server

  10. Gwendy says:

    that one guy is gonna regret not putting name tags on the lama’s for the rest his life

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